JBL GTO638 Car Speaker Review – Is it worth the money?

When you get in your car, you always have your music to look forward to – this is what makes that journey into town an exciting one. If you don’t have awesome tunes playing in the background, that long drive is going to be boring. This is the main reason car speakers are so popular today – because they make the drive worth remembering. Today, we will talk about the JBL GTO638 component speakers.

Update: The JBL GTO638 6.5-Inch 3-Way Speaker is no longer on sale. Because of this, images might have been removed or are showing the wrong product.

JBL GTO638 Car Speakers


  • 2 Ohm
  • Tweeter is Fantastic
  • Easy to Install


  • The Lack of Bass

The JBL GTO638 car speakers doesn’t disappoint. They are friendly to the wallet and have a clear sound that is enough for moste users. For more advanced users, these might seem a bit to simple, but for the beginner, the GTO638 is a great purchase. If only there was some more bass in them.

The GT0638 may not look very intimidating when you first look at them but take it from me, they pack a powerful punch (big things really can come in a small package). 3-way speakers are on the rise like never before and for this reason, JBL decided to step into the field with a product that practically guarantees big things. So, let me be the one to tell you about the GT0638 so that you can decide whether or not they will be suitable for you.


The GTO Series from JBL comes in many sizes. What I have here are the 6.5-Inch speakers. The very first thing to say about them is the customizing. The tweeters and the woofers are separate so that you can get the setup that suits you the best.

Let’s take a look at the features in depth:

Built-in Crossover Network – It is obvious that JBL recognizes the old problem with 3-way speakers as they seem to have gone out of their way in order to ensure a smooth transition between tweeter and woofer. For this reason, you’re going to experience a nice midrange vocal.

Patented Plus One Woofer Cone – JBL didn’t stop using their patented Plus One woofer cone. For those of you that aren’t familiar with this woofer cone, it helps to reduce the surface area to a large extent, which in return increases the bass.

True Ohm Technology – JBL offers a lower-impedance coil, which is new to their speakers. The result? Amazing performance!

Great Tweeter – Looking at the size of the speakers, you probably wouldn’t believe just how much power these speakers have. The high-bandwidth tweeter has a huge voice coil – it reminds me of those you find in home theater systems.

Along with these features, the peak power of the JBLs GT638’s is 180W with an RMS of 60W. The impedance is 2 Ohm. There is also a rubber surround on the woofer cone which does a good job at slicing noise.

What I Like

The tweeters are amazing. It’s an important part of all sound systems and it is noticeable how JBL made sure that the tweeters in the GTO638 are the best. The Mylar-Titanium tweeters are compatible with the woofers, making sure the sound is powerful and smooth.

The JBL GTO638’s is really easy to install. The Intermount III mounting system makes the installation process super easy. The 3-Way sound is also there. The woofer and the tweeter are a great match for each other and it helps the vocals and bass sound amazing. It does also give a great midrange audio effect.

What I Didn’t Like

There is not much to say when it comes to this part of the review. However, there are some things that other owners feel is missing from these speakers. But it’s more of a personal taste.

The bass in these speakers is a bit under-performing. It does not matter much if you have a car subwoofer in the back of the trunk handling most of the bass but if you do not have this, the GTO638’s might not the best choice for you. Also, if you want to get the best bang for your buck with these speakers, you will need to get a speaker amplifier. This is almost true to any car speakers so nothing unique with the GTO638’s.


Overall, it feels like the JBL GTO638’s is a pair of speakers for music enthusiasts that would like to put some power into their music-listening experience. Since it’s so easy to install, it’s very good for beginners that haven’t as much experience with fiddling with a cars speaker cables. JBL has put in a lot of effort and money ​into this set of coaxial car speakers.

The GTO638 is a great pair of car speakers that doesn’t disappoint. The pricing is budget-friendly (which, again, makes these speakers great for first timers that doesn’t want to spend so much money). As always, there are always cheaper alternatives out there but with this sound quality and the performance from GTO638, it’s hard to find something similar.

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Written by Heather