Crying is a normal behavior for a baby. but is it okay to let the baby cry in the car seat for long periods? Allowing your infant to cry for too long isn’t okay as it can cause these problems for your baby:

  • Stress levels going up
  • Might feel exhausted
  • Oxygen levels can go down
  • A negative association with car rides

So, if they don’t stop within a few minutes, it’s important to find the problem and address their needs and calm them down as soon as possible. Below, we’ll tell you what steps you can take in such situations.


How Long Can I Let Baby Cry In Car Seat?

According to NHS, you should not let the baby cry for more than 10 minutes in car seats. And if the crying seems severe, you need to intervene earlier within a few minutes.

Sometimes, infants can cry for no reason and may just stop after a few minutes. However, if that doesn’t happen, try to find what’s causing them discomfort and solve their problem as well as you can.

Also, driving with babies crying in the passenger seat isn’t safe, as it may lead to poor driving decisions and compromise your and your baby’s safety.


Why Do The Newborns Cry In A Car?

Here are some possible reasons for baby cries during car journeys:

Feeling uncomfortable: babies need everything right. So, if the car is too hot, or cold, or if the child’s car seat adjustment isn’t comfortable enough, they might start crying.

Feeling hungry: Babies are always hungry, and if the hunger kicks in and there are no feeders in sight, they will cry with all their strength.

Motion Sickness: Many people feel motion sickness in a moving car and may puke as well. Babies struggle with motion sickness as well but they can’t say “pull over, I need to puke.” Instead, they have to cry to express their discomfort.

Needing a diaper change: Babies don’t like to sit in a poop-filled diaper and may cry to attract your attention towards it.

Separation Distress Cry:

Almost all babies experience separation anxiety at the age of 1-2 and can cry when they are separated from their parents. So, if the baby can’t see the parent from the car seats, they may start shouting.


What Should You Do To Calm Babies Down

Learning how to calm down a fussy baby in the car is very important for parents. Hope these pointers will come in handy for you.

Feed them: If the baby is hungry, the solution is pretty simple. Feed the baby milk, and the crying should stop in a minute.

Toys: Give the baby a toy to play with so that might get distracted and stops crying. Just make sure that it’s not small enough to present a choking hazard.

Sing to the baby: You might try to sing the baby’s favourite songs to soothe your crying infant. Or you can also carry a portable sound machine if you want. It helps them to have a good time and create a positive association with car rides.

Stop regularly: Stopping regularly and taking the baby out for fresh air might make them feel refreshed. That would help you keep them calm during the rest of the journey. Also, you can keep the window rolled down to let air come inside.

Ensure the temperature isn’t too hot or cold: Many newborns can have a hard time dealing with extremely hot or cold temperatures. So, make sure the temperature isn’t uncomfortable for the baby.


Preparation To Prevent Babies From Crying In The Car

To ensure peaceful car rides with the baby, these are some precautions that you should take.

Start with a fresh diaper: Staying in a diaper for too long can be uncomfortable for infants. So, before you start the journey, change their diaper to a new one.

Keep some soft toys in a toy basket: Toys can distract babies and stop them from crying. So, keep some toys like stuffed animals in your car if the need arises.

Make the baby wear comfy clothes: Make him weather-appropriate clothes, otherwise, he will be miserable during the whole journey. If the weather is too hot, make him wear normal clothes.

Make sure to feed him before you get in the car: If you feed him before you start the journey, it’s less likely that the baby will get hungry soon and start crying.

Plan car rides long ahead: You should do some planning to avoid rush hour traffic. A car ride in rush hour with the baby crying can be a nightmare.

Get the car seat home and practice him sitting on it: If your older baby screams or cries in the car seat, you can bring the seat home and make him sit on it for adjustment.

Arrange the car trip during nap times: Many parents coincide the car ride with the time when their newborn usually falls asleep. But ensure that they don’t sleep in the car seat for more than 30 minutes.

You can keep them in the front seat to keep an eye on them. But make sure you don’t get distracted as it might increase the risk of car accidents.



Why does my baby scream in the car seat?

It could be that the car seat straps putting uncomfortable pressure on the baby, or the seat straps pinching the skin; in short; any sort of discomfort could cause your baby to scream.

Do babies grow out of hating their car seat?

Yes, as they get older, it gets better and eventually, they would stop crying.

What happens when you ignore a crying baby?

If you ignore a crying baby for too long, it might have an impact on their behaviour.

How often should you stop when travelling with a baby?

You should stop every 2-3 hours and take him out of the car for a bit, that will keep him more relaxed. 

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