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Welcome to the Ultimate guide on how to hook up car sub in house!

Don’t you miss that hard hitting bass that massage you in your car? Well what if I tell you that you can enjoy the same bass strength in your own house by using a regular car subwoofer. Use your Car Subwoofer in House! Learn how to set up a car sub in your house using a simple inverter for powerful bass.


I will share this upfront, there’s a bit of work to utilize the audio subwoofer of your car in your house and if you follow my step-by-step instructions below it will be super-easy.

All you need is an inverter that you have to get and you will be banging.

It’s as easy as one-two-three and a fifth step.

Let’s get started!



how to hook up car sub in house


Step 1 – Control the power

As mentioned earlier, your primary cause of concern with this DIY project is frying your woofer by running it on 110 volts, when it is designed to only run on the 12 volts generated by the battery of your car.

Thus, the first thing you must do when trying to convert your car’s subwoofer for home use is buying a power inverter that will enable you to control the power.

You need a power inverter that is capable of converting 12 volts, with 2 plugs: one plug for the woofer and the other for the wall outlet.

Although, you need to keep in mind that despite the fact that your first step is buying a power inverter, the last step will be plugging it.


Step 2 – Connect the subwoofer to the car amplifier

The next thing you need to do is taking a twelve- or sixteen-gauge speaker wire (this depends on the model of your subwoofer, so check the specifications of the manufacturer if you are unsure of which exact one to utilize).

Connect your subwoofer and amplifier to the wires.

The wires can be connected to the brackets beneath the terminals on the appliances. Keep in mind that the red wires must be twisted with red wires and the dark wires must be twisted with dark wires. Although, you may need to first strip the wires.


Step 3 – Connect the car subwoofer to the home amplifier

The next thing you have to do is connecting the wires to the input terminals of your car’s audio subwoofer, before connecting to the output terminals of your home amplifier.

For this situation, you will have to pair red with red and white with white.


Step 4 – Now connect your other speakers

You now finally have to connect the remaining speakers in the home system.

If you want to have a really powerful surround sound experience, two speakers are needed on the left, two speakers are needed on the right and one needed in the center.

Make use of RCA wires to connect these to the main amplifier of the home theater (home performance center principle speaker (however, keep in mind that this isn’t the amp the woofer is connected to)


Step 5 – Plug in the power inverter

As mentioned, while describing the first step, the last step involved is actually plugging the subwoofer into the power inverter and then connecting the inverter to the outlet on the wall. Afterward, play a couple of songs and get ready to have your neighbors banging on your door, either to join the party or complain about the loud music coming from your apartment.


How to Power a Car Subwoofer at Home:

  1. Buy a Power Inverter that turns the home 110 Volts into 12 Volt

  2. Connect your subwoofer to your car amplifier

  3. Connect your car amplifier to the home amplifier

  4. If there are additional speakers hook them up

  5. Plug in the Power Inverter. Enjoy!


Disadvantages of Using Your Car Subwoofer in House

While the idea of using your car subwoofer in your house is a really good prospect that a lot of people would pounce on speedily without thinking twice, it also comes with a couple of disadvantages that you must be aware of if you are looking to embark on this DIY project.

The first disadvantage of using your car subwoofer in your house is that it exposes you to the risk of blowing up your entire equipment, if done wrong or if anything goes wrong.

Unfortunately, there is no 100 percent guarantee that everything will go properly, so once you decide to turn your car subwoofer to home subwoofer, you need to be braced to face any outcome.

Additionally, there are a lot of things to purchase when trying to make this transformation, so it’s always very expensive in the long run. Imagine spending about $40 just to tailor your car subwoofer for home usage when fairly used home subwoofers are sold for about $50 only?

Sometimes, it just doesn’t seem reasonable to be spending that money on this sort of DIY.

Lastly, you must keep in mind that the quality of the sound that will be generated by your new home subwoofer will be determined by the quality of the materials used, so this can go both ways.


Conclusions on How to Power a Car Subwoofer at Home

As you have seen it’s not hard to power a car subwoofer at home. All you need a few extra gizmos and you’re ready to blast that bass.

I’ve kept my promise and I’ve broken down into small easy steps on how to do it in your own home. Best of all you don’t need to call a technician or anything.

Maybe you can help me out with something. Can you please share on social media what have you learned from this post? It would help me out a lot. Thank you!

Roger and Out!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How to power a car subwoofer at home?

Basically, you need to purchase a car subwoofer amplifier and an inverter to power your home subwoofer. The explanation of the procedure is listed above, in the article.

How to hook up a car subwoofer to a home stereo?

To set up a car subwoofer to your home stereo, you must first purchase an RCA cable with the red and white ends. Next, you have to connect it from your car’s subwoofer output to the input of your home amplifier using the red and white cables. The black wire from OFC cables must be connected to the terminal of the car subwoofer and the black wire from the home stereo must also be connected to the terminal of your home amplifier.

How do you hook up a car subwoofer in your house?

Watch this step by step video to learn how

Can I use a car subwoofer at home?

Yes you can use a car subwoofer at home. Car subwoofers are compatible with home audio systems (home theater). You can even take your car amplifiers to deliver the right power supply. If the power rating is the same so you can use a car subwoofer at home. Since we’re talking about the power supply you have to keep in mind that the wall outlet produces a lot more volts then your car sub and car amp is used to. The AC outlet has to be converted into a dc power supply to match the car audio system. Since you don’t want to carry inside the car battery to power the car amplifier and car subwoofers you need an alternate source of power supply. You can use the computer power supply if you want use a car subwoofer at home because it delivers just as much power (enough power, sufficient power) to power a car subwoofer sound system. Once you figured out the power supplies for the subwoofer amp car stereo sound system you are set. You can even use a class d amp for the audio source you can also use the rca cables and the red wire. Keep in mind how many watts the car subwoofer needs.

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