How to Split RCA for Multiple Amps

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Using RCA Splitter Cable

The first method to split RCA for multiple amps is using an rca splitter for amp. We will go step by step to help you understand how it works.

Step 1

To begin, you need to set up your device with only one RCA output cable.

Step 2

Next, identify the red and white male plug. However, remove the red and white RCA cables if they are still plugged in.

Step 3

Now it’s time to get your splitter cable. Plug the splitter cable where you normally plug the white and red male plugs.

That is all there is to it! What you have done here is divided the white and red male plugs into two. Now instead of having one pair of white and red jacks, you have two. Moreover, you can use these two pairs on two different amps. In short, you can use two amps with a single RCA jack.

However, the RCA splitter comes with its cons. By using this splitter, the sound quality reduces as the power of the amplifiers is divided. So, you might not get the same output you would otherwise. 

Daisy Chain Connection

Another way of dividing the output of RCA cables is using a daisy chain connection. Although this method might be challenging, it works like a charm. However, you will need to do some electrical work for the daisy chain connection.

Step 1

Initially, you need to set up your electrical device with one RCA jack.

Step 2

Now get the amplifier you want to set. Ensure that there is no input or output outlet connected to the amplifier. If so, remove all the connections from the amp.

Step 3

Now take your daisy chain splitter and connect it to the RCA jack of your electrical device.

Step 4

This final step is a little tricky. Identify the input and output ports of your amp. Now, place the wires of the daisy chain splitter into both ports. Start by connecting the male plug to the second amplifier. Now you have a complete connection between both your amps. Additionally, you can repeat the process for multiple amps.

A Daisy chain connection can be used when you don’t want to work with multiple cables. Moreover, it saves space and does not create clutter.

Using Line Output Converter (LOC)

Using LOC is one of the best methods to connect multiple amps with one RCA jack.

What is a Line Output Converter?

A LOC is an electrical device. It is used to convert high voltage signals into audio signals that can be used by an RCA cable. Another benefit of using LOC is that you can connect even three RCA jacks to multiple amps.

Step 1

To use a line output converter, first, locate the output unit of your amplifier.

Step 2

Now connect your line output converter to this output port of your amplifier. Now, this new connection will work the same as the RCA jack.

That’s all! Now you have another RCA jack that can be used to connect multiple amps. Unlike other methods, LOC helps you create multiple RCA ports. These ports can be used to build connections between more than one amp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many times can you split RCA audio? 

You can split RCA audio as many times as you want. However, the quality will decrease with each split. It entirely depends on your device’s input and output impedance.

You can use RCA splitter cables or create a daisy chain connection for splitting. You can daisy chain as many amps as you want, depending on the design of the cables. The sound’s quality might keep on decreasing until it fades to zero.

Q: How to get multiple RCA outputs?

To divide the RCA output, you can use RCA splitter cables, line output converter LOC, or create a daisy chain connection. The best method to split audio signals is using LOC. The converter helps in creating more than one RCA port.

You can also use the daisy chain method or RCA splitter cable. These splitters must be connected at the place of white and red male ports. After creating this connection, you can link the new white and red wires to multiple amps.

Q: Is it okay to split RCA cables?

Yes, it is entirely okay to split the RCA cables when you need to connect multiple amps. If your devices and amps are in good working order, there should be no problem. You can split RCA cables with a line output converter or RCA splitter. You can connect these cables to your device and create a connection with multiple amps.

Q: Does splitting RCA weaken the signal?

Splitting RCA does not necessarily weaken the signal. However, there is still a catch. RCA splitter cables divide the power to the multiple amplifiers connected. This distribution of signal decreases the power of every amplifier to some extent. So, you can not expect the same quality. There will be a minor decrease in the audio quality. However, the splitters do not weaken the signal.

You can use line output converters if you want to avoid this. The line output converter provides an extra RCA port which can be used to connect multiple amplifiers.


There are three ways to split RCA for multiple amps. You can choose a daisy chain connection, RCA splitter cable, or line output converter LOC. All of these three methods work perfectly fine. However, each approach has its specialty.

If you want fast transmission, go for the RCA splitters. If you are looking for higher efficiency, you should go for LOC. The Daisy chain method is less messy. You can get your work done without creating a jumble of cables. So go for whatever suits you the best!

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