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For many car owners, the radio is for more than just listening to music. You can also access vehicle settings through the radio display. If the Honda radio is not working correctly, a reset may be the best solution. It only takes a few minutes to reset a Honda radio, and the process is easy. With this guide, you’ll be able to learn how to reset your Honda radio quickly and easily and get back to enjoying your favorite music.

How to Reset a Honda Radio?

I was driving down the highway, enjoying the summer breeze and the sound of my favorite music on the radio. I had an incredible feeling of being on the summit of the world since the sunlight was shining and the birds were chirping. But then, suddenly, the music stopped. I pressed the power button, but nothing happened.

I sighed in frustration. I’d been having trouble with my radio lately, and I knew a reset was the only solution. I pulled over to the side of the road and began searching online for instructions on resetting my Honda radio code. After a short while of looking, I discovered an excellent manual that seemed simple enough to follow.

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How to Reset Your Radio Code in a Honda

Resetting your radio can be an easy task. You can start by switching on the radio’s power and pushing the radio power button for a few seconds. This process may enable the radio to recall its stored settings, meaning it can function normally again. If this works, you won’t need to enter any codes. Although this does occur, it is rare.

If you are having trouble with your radio in a Honda, you may need to reset it. To get the required radio codes, you must visit your local Honda dealer or the Honda website. You must provide the radio serial number and the vehicle identification number (VIN). If you have a newer model radio integrated with GPS, you will have to take your vehicle to a Honda dealer, where a technician will reset it.

How to Find and Enter Honda’s Radio Code

The ignition key switch should be set to the “On” position. After that, you should switch on the radio to ensure the display reads “Enter PIN Code.” Once that is confirmed, the radio should then be turned off, leaving the ignition switch in the “On” position.

Press and hold the No. 1 and No. 6 radio preset buttons, then turn on the radio. This will cause the display to flash two codes – the first and second halves of the serial number. 

To get an eight-digit serial number, you must add the numbers together, disregarding the letter that comes before each one. Turn off the ignition after you have the serial number.

Visit the official Honda website. Once you’re there, click on the ‘Get Codes’ tab. You will need to input your radio’s serial number, your vehicle’s VIN number, and some of your personal information, then click ‘Submit.’ After you’re done, you will be given a security code to write down.

Turn on the radio. Then, use the soft buttons on the touchscreen display to input the security code. You should turn the ignition off when the radio is restored to its normal function.

What Should I Do With My Honda Radio After Replacing the Battery?

It’s necessary to reset your radio after changing the batteries. Before you start the engine, make sure the key is turned to the “ON” position. The radio will then start playing after you turn up the volume. Wait 10 seconds after turning the volume control knob off before turning the radio back on. Finally, hold the power button until the radio display turns on. The owner’s manual contains the radio code that you must enter when you notice the message “Enter PIN” on the display.

Suppose you have a modern radio that is part of your car’s infotainment system and has GPS capability. In that case, you may need to go to your local Honda service center to have it reset by a qualified technician.

How to Find the Serial Number of a Honda Radio

There are a few options if you need to locate the serial number of a gadget you wish to unlock. For vehicles made before 2001, the radio’s serial number will be on the back of your car’s radio, and you’ll need to make an appointment with your local Honda dealer for service.

Generally, the first place to look for the serial number is the anti-theft ID card that comes with the car, typically found inside the glove box. Some models have a sticker with the serial number placed inside the glove box by the Honda dealer.

Why Do I Need to Reset My Honda Radio

Resetting your Honda radio code is necessary if the audio system in the vehicle has been disconnected from its power source, such as when the car battery has been changed or lost its reference voltage. This can cause the audio system to become locked and require an unlock code. If you cannot locate the original radio code, reset your radio.

The reset process varies slightly depending on the year and model of your Honda. In most cases, the reset involves pressing a combination of buttons on the audio system or turning certain knobs to enter the reset code.

The exact methods of resetting Honda radio codes can usually be found online or in the owner’s manual for the vehicle. Once the code has been reset, it will need to be re-entered into the audio system to unlock it.

How to Reset Honda Radio Without a Code

When resetting your car radio unit, turn your vehicle on but don’t start the engine. Then, switch off the radio. To reset your radio, press the power button for a couple of minutes until it reboots. This will give you a fresh start with your radio.

How to Find Honda Civic Radio Code

If you ever need to retrieve your Honda Civic radio code, you can do so easily online with the official Honda website. All you need to do is provide basic information, like your zip code, contact information, VIN number (which can be located on a sticker near the driver’s side door), and the radio serial number. 

Once you’ve submitted that information, you can expect to receive your code within minutes! You no longer have to purchase a new radio if you lose access to the code.

You may also be able to locate the radio code in your vehicle’s glovebox, either on a sticker inside or in the owner’s manual. Your code should have a serial number associated with it, as well as credentials for the Honda Navigation system.

If you ever need to locate your Honda Civic radio code, you can easily do so online or at a local Honda dealer. With the official Honda website, you’ll be able to obtain the radio code quickly and simply!

How to Enter Honda Civic Radio Code

If you wish to reinstate the full capabilities of your Honda Civic radio, the process is simple. All you need to do is use the radio preset buttons on your Civic to enter the five-digit code. After inputting the radio code, you will unlock your radio and enjoy your drives around Webster again with your favorite music.

What is the Meaning of Error E on My Honda Accord

If you have a Honda Accord, you may have encountered Error E, meaning that the radio unit has locked you out. This could be because the battery dies or the radio loses power. 

Fortunately, you can resolve this issue by entering the radio code that came with the vehicle. To unlock your radio, all you need to do is find the radio code that was supplied with the car and input it, thus restoring your radio’s functionality.

What is the Honda Radio Code’s Digit Count? 

Depending on the model, the Honda radio code has four to eight digits. The exact number of digits in the radio code is determined based on the year and model of your Honda vehicle. 

Most newer models have a four-digit radio code, while some older models may have up to eight to ten digits. To find out how many digits are in your Honda radio code, refer to the owner’s manual for your particular model.


Resetting a Honda radio is a simple process that takes little time and effort to finish. It is a simple procedure that requires only basic technical knowledge, and it can be a great way to restore your radio’s functionality and get back to listening to your favorite music. With the right instructions, resetting your Honda radio can be a breeze. Our guide above is suitable for fixing radio problems on Honda Civic, Honda Accord, or any Honda model.

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