How to Put Car Seat on Shopping Cart at Walmart, Target


3 Simple and Safe solutions to get the car seat on the shopping cart…


Here’s a scary fact: 23,000 children a year end up in the hospital According to AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) because they have fallen or tipped over from the shopping cart. Don’t be one of them!


There’s one bad way and three good and safe ways to put the car seat on the shopping cart. #1 is brain dead simple and I wonder why most people never think about it?

Let’s see the solutions already!



Best way to do grocery shopping with an infant car seat:

  1. Place it in the shopping cart – It’s FREE
  2. Use a Baby Sling – More room for groceries
  3. Use the Safe Dock – Best of both worlds

How not to put it on the Shopping Cart

Putting it on the shopping cart and balancing it is dangerous and it was never meant to be used like that.

The space is too small and an accident is waiting to happen. So please what ever you do avoid this as much as possible.

I’m a firm believer that most of the 23,000 injuries occurred because of this.

1. Place it in the shopping cart

The simplest and free way to do the grocery shopping with your baby is by placing it in the shopping cart.

It’s safe because there is no way for it to fall over or tip down accidentally, since it’s right in front of you and your baby will be surrounded with groceries.

But it takes up so much space!

Yes it’s true that this method doesn’t help much with space, but you could work it out by placing the groceries around the car seat. Or do frequent smaller shopping trips.

It’s free and you get what you pay for.


2. Use a Baby Sling (Hammock)


If you’re doing frequent shopping then you will need this baby sling or hammock.

It’s quite easy to use. All you have to do is clip it on the side of the shopping cart. Place the car seat in the hammock and adjust the strap so it’s tight.

With the baby sling you’re getting safety and space for groceries.

When you’re done all you have to do is undo the buckle remove the car seat and un-clip the hammock.

The hammock is light weight and foldable so it will fit anywhere. You can just leave it in your car and use it whenever you’re going shopping.


3. Use the Safe Dock

More and more grocery stores have the safe dock system. Apparently somebody finally got the bright idea to protect the kids.

Having a sticker on the side of the car showing not to put car seats on wasn’t doing much of anything.

The Safe Dock typically comes installed on the shopping cart. All you have to do is place the car seat on it and strap it in. It’s works similarly to the hammock mentioned above.

The removal is the same you unbuckle the car seat and lift the car seat off.

The best thing about the Safe Dock is that gives the most space for groceries. There’s no room taken up by the car seat.


How to Put the Car Seat on a Shopping Cart at Walmart

The same way I’ve described above. You don’t balance the car seat on the Walmart shopping cart you simply put it in.

If you have a hammock then you can put it over the shopping cart and strap the car seat in.

Just in case you see a safe dock use that.


How to Put the Car Seat on a Shopping Cart at Target

At Target the procedure is the same. If you can find a shopping cart with the safe dock use that or bring your own hammock.

If all else fails you can put that car seat in the shopping cart.



There are a few ways to put the car seat on top of your shopping cart when you’re grocery shopping.

The most common way is by placing it in the front and balancing it with one hand. This was never really meant for use NEVER USE IT!

If you want more space or safety for your baby, there’s two better solutions: either purchase a sling that clips onto the side of the cart or invest in a dock system from stores like Walmart which will keep your baby safe while still giving plenty of room to load groceries.

Now you know three simple and safe solutions for going grocery shopping with your baby.

I hope you found this article helpful and if you did plus if you would share this article it would mean the world to me.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you go grocery shopping with a baby?

The top 3 Ways to do shopping with a baby:

  1. Strap your baby on you with an wrap
  2. Put the car seat inside the shopping cart
  3. Use hammock (shopping car sling) or the safe dock

Can you put a baby in a shopping cart?

Yes, you can as soon as the baby knows how to sit. This can be as early as 6 months old. Now keep in mind that your baby shouldn’t be left alone keep them in arm’s reach in case something happens.

Where do you put a baby car seat in a grocery store?

The best place to put a baby car seat in a grocery store is in the cart’s largest basket. Or if you have a hammock you can put the car seat on it and strap it in.

Last Updated on February 22, 2022 by Danny Reid