How to Keep Baby’s Head From Falling Forward in Car Seat


It’s scary to look at a head flop (bobbing) but is it that dangerous and painful?

I have three kids in different age ranges so I had my fair share of head slumps. The first time was the scariest then I’ve learned how to handle it.


Even now when my eldest is 9 year old she has had slumps once in a while. When she wakes up and ask if something hurts she never complaints.

After doing my fair share of research I know that head slumps are not dangerous in most cases and if you’re looking to solve it I have made this short article just for that.

Let’s see the solutions already!


What You Need To Know About The Car Seat Head Flop

When a baby’s head falls forward in a car seat, it can be scary. But don’t worry! It’s not that uncomfortable from the other side.

With bigger babies and toddlers there are no risks at all blocking the airways. With smaller babies there are some minor issues. As soon as they have good control of their neck muscles it wouldn’t be an issue.

As your child grows they will feel if their neck isn’t in the right position so they will automatically adjust and won’t wake up in pain.

A contrary example is from a friend of mine who has a special child. They went a mile and above the needs when it comes to their son. You see whenver his head would flop his breathing would stop and they had to rush him to the ER. This is the only case I know when a head slump would be dangerous. Neither my three kids or others have experienced this.


Is It Safe For Your Child’s Head To Fall Forward In A Car Seat?

Some people worry that when a baby falls asleep their head might slump forward in the car seat. But it is safe for the baby’s head to fall forward a little bit. This is because the baby’s head is supported by the car seat and they are not in any danger.

The baby’s head is not heavy enough to cause any problems. However, if a baby stays slumped in the car seat for a long time then they might get a stiff neck or a headache. This can happen when you leave them in the car seat for too long after they were to exhausted and have fallen asleep like so.

It would be very uncomfortable for your child if their head constantly fell forward. This is because the chin would rest on their chest and rub against it. It might also cause the baby to have a stiff neck over time so it’s best to prevent this from happening as much as possible.


Is it necessary to use a pillow or straps to keep your child’s head up in their car seat?

If you think about it logically then it wouldn’t be necessary to use a pillow or straps to hold up your baby’s head in the car seat. The reason for this is that their head would move along with the movement of the car. This means that if you are driving on bumpy roads or turning corners, their head would lean too much and it would be uncomfortable for them.

If you put a pillow under your baby’s head in the car seat then this could cause an obstruction. This is because the baby would lean back and their head might fall to one side as they sleep slipping into a slump position.

The worst thing to do is putting a “U” shaped towel or blanket around their head because over time it will slip behind your little one’s head and cause excess strain on the neck.


Best ways to prevent head slumps

First you have to make sure that the car seat is the right one for both your baby and car. If they are then make sure that the chest plate is positioned correctly and the straps are perfectly tight.

From my research I can say that in most cases if you have the right car seat in the right vehicle the #1 cause of bobbing heads and head slumps is the lose strap. As soon as it’s tight it goes away.


Conclusions on how to stop baby head falling forward in car seat

We hope these tips have helped you to know how to stop baby head slumping in the car seat. As a final note, remember that babies are flexible and will automatically adjust their position if it becomes uncomfortable for them. So don’t worry too much about your little one’s head falling forward when they’re sleeping-they’ll be just fine!

All in all the head slumps are harder to watch than experience. We have to have a bit of faith in your child even if it’s a baby.

If you loved my article I would appreciate if you would share it. Just in case you have tips or questions feel free to contact me.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I keep my baby’s head up in the car seat?

There are a few ways that you can prevent your baby’s head from falling forward in the car seat. One way is to make sure that the car seat is positioned (the appropriate tilt) correctly and that the straps are tight. The chestplate is right under the armpit level this would be sufficient to protect your baby from head slumps.

If nothing has worked for you from above then there are special straps called head bands that will keep your child’s head falling forward.

Is it OK for baby to sleep in car seat with head down?

It is okay for baby’s to sleep with their heads down as long as they are in a safe position. It would be good if you could have your baby’s head up a bit though so that they don’t turn into a slump or bobble-head doll.

Why does my baby’s head tilt in car seat?

If your baby’s head tilts forward in the car seat you might want to make sure that there’s nothing under their back and that the straps are tightly fastened. If this doesn’t solve the problem then it may be because they don’t like how tight or loose the straps are.

Last Updated on February 22, 2022 by Danny Reid