How to Keep Baby Warm in Car Seat – 6 Useful Tips


It’s winter Yeay! Oh wait we need to use the car so how can I keep my baby warm in their car seat?

For the past month I’ve been trying and testing all sorts of things to see which is the best choice to keep your little one warm and safe and the same time. There were some urban legends that were way out there and I’ve tested them all.

Now my little one might’ve not been that enthusiastic with all the rides at least she got a lot of sleep.

How to Keep Baby Warm in Car Seat

There are many options out there and I’m sharing with you the best and safest options. There are only 6 of them that work and #3 will surprise you.

Let’s see those warming options already!


Best way on how to keep your baby warm in a car seat:

  1. Warm up the car first
  2. Use a blanket
  3. Winter coat backwards
  4. Consider a car seat poncho
  5. Use a sweater or light jacket
  6. Try Out A Fleece


Warm up the car first

By far this is the best and safest option. No matter where you look this is the best option if you have sufficient time. In a warm car you won’t need any blankets or extra layers of clothing.

This means you have to plan ahead and start up the engine before you get out of the house with your little one.

Depending on the temperature this can happen in a matter of minutes or longer.

If I don’t have the time what should I do?


Use a blanket

A blanket can keep baby warm in the car. Bring a baby car seat blanket when it’s cold outside. When baby is sleeping, you can drape the blanket over him to keep him nice and cozy. Make sure it’s a baby car seat blanket that is made of safe materials and designed for use in a car seat.

Cover baby with a blanket after putting him in. Just make sure that the blanket isn’t hanging down too low or getting in car seat straps.

After your child is secured in his or her car seat, you may cover the top of the harness straps with a blanket or put his or her winter coat on backwards (over the buckled harness straps). Some parents like poncho-style coats and jackets that zip down the sides to allow for greater ventilation. Keep in mind that the top layer


Winter coat backwards

This trick worked like a charm. Since the winter coat backwards radiates the heat back it’s a simple and elegant way to keep your little one warm.

Best of all they won’t overheat because their body is generating the heat. Once the car is warm you can easily remove the coat without stopping.


Consider a car seat poncho

A car seat poncho is one of the best ways to keep baby warm without having to put a coat on. It’s simple, practical and it will only cost you around 15$.

Car Seat Ponchos are specially designed for keeping your baby snug against any weather conditions. They’re made from soft fleece with another layer of water proof fabric on the outside.

They are resistant, easy to put on and they’ll protect your baby against wind, snow or rain without any trouble. The best part is that you won’t have to remove it in order to install the car seat according to its safety standards.

Baby ponchos can be found in most baby stores and they will make a great addition to your baby carrier.


Use a sweater or light jacket

This is a simple and easy way to keep your baby warm in the car without putting too much pressure on your wallet.

Just put a sweater or light jacket on your baby and you’re good to go. Wool sweaters will add an extra layer of protection for really cold weather conditions.

The key is not to have to much clothing on otherwise the straps won’t be tight and won’t be able to protect your baby.


Try Out A Fleece

A fleece will provide enough warmth to keep your baby safely warm without the use of any stroller accessories. A fleece is very light and comfortable so you can easily move around with your baby in it.

The best part is that they’re not expensive at all and they come in various designs, styles and colors.

Just put the baby in the car seat and add a fleece to keep it warm.

You won’t have to think about how to dress your baby up either. A fleece can be used from early on until around 3 or even 4 years old depending on how tall your child is.


Why is a coat in a car seat so dangerous?

A coat can come in the way of how you install your baby’s car seat. If the coat is blocking the straps it won’t be secure, they’ll need to do more tests and they might even fail.

The coat can create a gap between your child and the car seat, it might get in the way of how you attach the harness or how you adjust it.

The safest solution is not to use coats at all. However if you insist on using one, please make sure that it will go under baby and nowhere else.


Test to see if your baby or toddler’s coat is safe in the seat belt

Lay your child down on the floor with his or her arms out to the side like airplane wings (like how you would install them in their car seat).

Put a coat on your baby and bring him or her up to an upright position, just how he or she would be in their car seat.

Pull the coat up and cross it over how your baby is wearing his or her car seat belt.

If the coat doesn’t allow the straps to connect properly then you need to change how you put on your baby’s coat.


How to keep your baby safe in a car seat during the winter?

It’s important to remember how essential it is to keep your baby warm enough during the winter.

When you put your baby in their car seat the last thing you want is for them to overheat so don’t forget to dress them up according to how cold it is outside.

A coat might block how you install the car seat or how you attach the harness to your baby.

A better solution would be to use a fleece or sweater and then cover it up with the baby’s coat once you install them in their seat.



All in all the best way to keep your little one warm during the winter is by having a warm car. This is possible if you have enough time. If you don’t you can use the following tips.

There are a few different ways to keep your baby warm in their car seat during winter. You can use a poncho, a sweater or light jacket, or a fleece. Coats should not be worn in car seats as they can be dangerous and make it difficult to install the car seat properly.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this tips and found a solution fit for your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do car seat covers keep baby warm?

Car seat covers can help keep a baby warm in the winter. They work by trapping the heat your baby creates and keeping it close to their body. This will help them stay warm and comfortable while you’re driving.

Is it safe to put a blanket over a car seat?

It is safe to cover your baby with a blanket while they’re in the car seat. Keep in mind, however, that it could become dangerous if not done properly. You need to put it over the harness and straps and never under it because it won’t provide the necessary safety.

What should a newborn wear in a car seat?

A newborn should wear thin clothing or as thick one that makes the straps be tight otherwise they won’t be able to provide the necessary protection.

Should babies wear coats in a car seat?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP): During winter months kids shouldn’t ware bulky cloathing under the straps because they won’t provide the necessary protection.

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