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Welcome to the Best Way to Keep your Baby Cool in the Car Seat!

After having 3 kids and driving endless miles in the scorching summer heat I have found the very best and efficient ways to keep your little ones cool and safe on the road.


Babies can’t regulate their own temperatures when they are small so it’s our duty as parents to keep them safe, cool and comfortable.

You see there are products on the market that might be dangerous and on my list below I’ve only included the safest and most effective ways to keep your baby cool. Put them to good use.

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how to keep baby cool in car seat


7 Ways to Keep Baby Cool in the Car Seat

In this section, we’ll discuss multiple ways of keeping a baby cool in the car. We’ll start off with relatively easier and intuitive techniques and slowly delve into the others.


#1 Utilize Air Conditioning Properly

Direct airflow from the front vents of the car cooler can keep the baby’s temperature cool even in a hot car. Babies are mostly put on the back seat in an infant carrier, so you can use the rear-facing ac vents of your AC in this case.

However, this solution may not work for everyone. This is because babies sweat profusely in hot temperatures. They may catch a cold if cool air falls directly on them. Not every baby is equally sensitive to this. So, depending on your baby’s sensitive skin, you’ll have to choose the right method.


#2 Pick Light Colored Clothing

As darker colors can absorb more wavelengths of light, they tend to absorb more heat than lighter colors. So, we recommend you pick light-colored clothing to keep your kids cool in a hot car. Also, make sure to pick dry clothing. Wet clothes tend to absorb more heat due to the presence of water.


#3 Freezable Child Cooling Towel

Nowadays, you can find freezable cooling towels or mats in online marketplaces. These are extremely convenient products as they will help keep your child’s car seat cool. This mostly acts like a car seat cover.

However, it shouldn’t be used when your child is in the seat. Rather, it should be left before you put your child on the seat. A car seat harness may hamper your baby’s comfort. So, we recommend covering these with a freezing towel as well.

It serves best when you park your car in direct sunlight as it’ll keep the baby’s seat cool without incurring any expenses. Also, you can leave it on convertible car seats.

As you can see, these freezable cooling towels can make a huge difference. So, we highly recommend them.


#4 Pick Light Colored Seats

If you’re getting a new car, we recommend picking light-colored seats for your vehicle. The principle is the same as light clothing. Dark-colored seats absorb more heat, so they will keep your baby warm.

For those who already have a car with dark-colored car seats, we recommend getting light-colored car seat covers, as these can reduce the heat so some extent.


#5 Get Your Windows Tinted

Tinted windows can help protect your child from direct sunlight. This is very important as a reflective surface will keep your baby from exposure to harmful UV and Infrared rays.

So, you should lower the window shades when your baby’s in the car. If the windows aren’t tinted, make sure you get them tinted. Also, it’s important for the back window to be tinted as well. Otherwise, sunlight will fall directly on your baby’s head.

If you can’t get reflective sunshades for some reason, you can try using roller shades. These get the job done very well as they block UV radiation, are cheap and are replaceable.


#6 Precondition the Car

This solution might be a bit expensive for some. In this method, you turn the air conditioner of your car on a while before you actually enter it.

In a short time, the air conditioner will bring the temperature inside the car down. So, once you finally enter and place your kid in the seat, you’ll find the infant car seat in a cool temperature. This will not only help keep your children cool but also keep you and others comfortable.

If you have a convertible, then this won’t be possible. In this case, you can use a spray bottle to sprinkle some cool water on the seats before you leave the car in the parking lot. The water will evaporate by the time you return, but it will help keep the convertible car seat cool.


#7 Sweating Isn’t Bad

Previously, we mentioned how babies sweat a lot in summer months and how directing cool air on them in a sweaty state can harm them. However, we haven’t discussed it any further.

The truth is sweating can actually be helpful. Through sweating, we release some of the heat from our bodies, which in turn helps us stay cool. Many parents overreact when they find their babies sweating. Instead, you should let your baby sweat.

Doing so will help the baby stay cool. This will give the baby a little peace in hot weather and save them from health issues such as heat stroke. An older child may sweat more, but that’s nothing to be concerned about.

Just make sure you keep the child hydrated. So, always carry a sippy cup so the child can make up for lost body water. Also, use a fan so that the cloth of the child doesn’t get wet. Be aware that fans can pose a choking hazard for young children, but it’s not true for older kids. So, don’t leave your child unattended if he’s too young.


How to keep car seat cool?

It’s quite easy to keep your car seat cool:

  • Using a light colored fabric over the car seat

  • Turn the AC towards the car seat

  • Window tints and shades


Conclusion on How To Keep Baby Cool In Car Seat

Keeping baby cool should be of prime concern on hot days. We highly recommend following the methods that we’ve discussed. Now that you know multiple ways how to keep your baby cool in car seat, time to pick one for yourself.

The best way would be to keep your car cool by preconditioning it. If that gets a bit expensive for your liking, You can try freezing towels. Those who don’t want to spend at all should go for light clothing. Also, try carrying the infant car seats inside so they don’t get hot.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can a baby overheat in a car seat?

Yes, a baby can overheat in a car seat because their internal heat regulation isn’t developed just yet. The younger they are the more likely it could happen if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

Are car seat cooling pads safe?

No, car seat cooling pads are not safe. If it wasn’t crash tested then don’t use them. Typically manufacturers list all safe items to be used with car seats.

How do you cool down a hot baby?

The best way to cool down a hat baby is by putting a wet towel around their neck and expose them to cool air as fast as possible.

Can I use a baby car seat cooling pad?

They are not safe, if you really have to use it then only when the car is stopped. Also in this category falls the freezable child seat cooling mat.

Which is the best car seat to keep baby cool?

The best car seats to keep a baby cool would be those that are breathable like:

  • Chicco KeyFit Zip Air

  • Britax One4Life CoolFlow

  • Chicco MyFit Air

  • Britax HighPoint CoolFlow

What should baby wear in car seat in summer?

Depending on the temperature a baby should wear the least amount of clothing in the car seat during the summer. Short onsies are my favorite choice.

How to keep baby cool in car seat stroller?

The best ways to keep baby cool in car seat stroller are:

  • Place them in the shade
  • Thin clothing
  • Keep them hydrated
  • Get a stroller fan for air circulation
  • Remove the back panel for better air flow
  • DIY ideas such as cooling pads, wet towels

Which are the best baby car seat cooling pad?

The best baby car seat cooling pad are:

  • Carats Car Seat Cooler for Baby with COOLTECH

  • COOLTECH Car Seat Cooler

  • Poled Airluv Car Seat Liner

Why does the baby cries and sweats in car seat?

They might be too hot and try to cool them down with one of the methods mentioned above. If it’s not because they are hot you need to investigate why they are fussing.

What do car seat manufacturers and child passenger safety technician say about keeping a child cool on hot summer months?

Well first of all stay away from the bright sun. Using spray bottles would be a great way too cool things down. You can use a cool towel over the child’s hair or neck for cooling even in a booster seat.

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