The Ultimate Guide on How to Install a Car Seat in Golf Cart

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide on How to Install a Car Seat in Golf Cart!

Golf cart and car seat are words that don’t go together in their manuals, but it’s not impossible to fit the former with the latter.


You won’t see golf carts puttering around town except in places where they’re street-legal. They’re a lesser beast than your usual car, so they have limited safety features, especially for children. Even seat belt requirements aren’t cut-and-dried.

Since golf carts have moseyed their way into homes, tourist spots, and recreational facilities, it’s a relief to have car seats.

So, keep scrolling to learn how to ride a golf cart with your kids safely.

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Golf Cart Car Seat Laws

Every state requires car seats in motorized vehicles, which golf carts are not. Even when golf cart laws exist, they rarely cover rules for car seats.

However, many localities have specific regulations requiring children to be in a car seat on a golf cart.

How to Attach Car Seat to Golf Cart

First off, your car seat should have a belt strap and tether to secure it to the golf cart seat. Now, here’s a quick guide to installing a car seat in a golf cart:

  1. Insert the belt strap through the slot at the lower part of the car seat’s back frame.
  2. Tie the strap to a sturdy part of the golf as tightly as possible to ensure that the car seat’s base is snug on the golf seat.
  3. Attach the tether on the top of the car seat to the back of the golf cart seat. If the golf cart has a bench-type seat, you can wrap the tether around it.
  4. Hook the tether to the cart seat’s frame or the loop itself. The tether will prevent the car seat from tipping over.
  5. If your golf cart has a seatbelt, run it through the same slot the belt strap goes through.
  6. Buckle the seatbelt.

If your golf cart doesn’t come with a seatbelt, it’s a good time to invest in a golf cart seatbelt kit. Not only will this help mount the car seat more securely, but this will also protect the whole family.

Another way to fasten the carrier’s base to the cart seat or metal frame is using ratchet straps.

Choosing Baby Seats for Golf Carts

The best car seat for a golf cart is one that’s most appropriate for your kid’s age, weight, and height.

Since there’s less room in a golf cart, you’ll also want to consider a car seat with a slimmer or more compact body.

Final Thoughts on Car Seat on Golf Cart

Installing a car seat in a golf cart is a wee complicated, not to mention unregulated. A golf cart doesn’t have the proper anchor system for a car seat, so it’s a challenge. Good thing you can use the carrier’s strap connectors to attach it to the golf cart.

You can also tap the cart’s seatbelt to install the car seat, although it won’t give the same snug fit a shoulder belt can provide.

Still, a golf cart baby seat can work if you travel at a safe speed and follow best practices.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a Car Seat Go in a Golf Cart?

It is possible to put a car seat in a golf cart for added protection.

Do Babies Need to Be in a Car Seat on Golf Cart?

State laws agree children under the age of 8 must be secured in a car seat or booster seat in the back seat. It’s not advisable to put babies in a golf cart, but it’s better to secure them in a car seat than hold them in your lap.

How Do You Attach a Baby Seat to a Golf Cart?

You can attach a baby seat to a golf cart by strapping it using the car seat’s anchors and the cart’s seatbelt.

How Do I Secure My Toddler in a Golf Cart?

You need a car seat that can accommodate a belt strap (ideally through the frame in the back, in one side and out the other), and a tether strap hooked to the back of the seat. This way, you can strap the car seat from the bottom and the back of the golf cart.

If the car seat doesn’t have a connector, you can use the seatbelt to secure it to the cart. If your golf cart doesn’t have one, a high-quality golf cart child harness is what you need.

How Do I Install a Lil’ Caddie Golf Cart Seat?

Here’s a quick guide on how to install the Lil’ Caddie golf cart seat or positioner:

  1. Position the caddie positioner on the cart seat.
  2. Unhook the wrap straps and lay them over the seat’s back.
  3. Connect both wrap strap hooks to the wrap strap brackets at the seat’s bottom.
  4. Slide the wrap strap guide upwards.
  5. Pull the adjusters to tighten the wrap strap.
  6. Use the loop and hook strap keeper to secure the loose ends of the wrap straps.

Is It Safe to Use a Golf Cart Baby Seat?

The AAP reports children are more prone to head and neck injuries from golf cart-related accidents. It only makes sense that putting your baby in a golf cart baby seat is safer than cradling them in your lap.

As a word of caution, do not take your kids with you when navigating slopes and rugged roads. The uneven course can send the golf cart fishtailing or toppling over. Since car seats aren’t designed for golf carts, there’s no guarantee they can fully protect your little one.

Do I Need a Special Car Seat Attachment for Golf Cart?

If your golf cart doesn’t have seatbelts, you can buy a seatbelt kit online or from your local hardware store. Kits contain a bracket and a set of retractable seatbelts, and they can fit most brands.

What Do the Florida Golf Cart Car Seat Laws Say?

Florida laws do not require golf cart car seats. Still, check local regulations for the use of car seats in golf carts.

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