How to Hook Up Two Amps With One RCA Jack

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As an experienced audio installer and researcher, I’ve spent countless hours studying and testing different methods for connecting multiple amps on a single RCA jack.

In this ultimate guide, I’ll be sharing my expertise with you and providing step-by-step instructions on how to hook up two amps with one RCA jack. So sit back, relax, and let’s get started!

Warning: Once you’ve successfully connected both amps using this method, be prepared for some serious sound quality that will have you never wanting to go back to just one amp again!

What Is an Amplifier

For context, it is better to understand what an amplifier is, and how it works. An amplifier is an instrument that enhances the amplitude of your sound. Having an amplifier means you will enjoy quality sound quality on your sound system. Additionally, you will enjoy increased volume control since amplifiers increase the amplitude of sound to great extents.

You must keep in mind that amplifiers require RCA splitter cables in order to function. RCA cables are the bridge that connects two electrical devices, in this case, amplifiers. Without these RCA cables, you cannot connect multiple amps with one RCA jack. There are three ways you can divide an RCA cable if you want to connect multiple amps. These options are:

  • Line output converter (LOC)
  • Daisy chain connection
  • RCA splitter cables

How to Split RCA for Multiple Amps

There is a straightforward way to connect multiple amps to a single RCA jack. Before we walk you through the step-by-step process of how to hook up two amps with an RCA jack, you need to understand how an RCA splitter cable works.

How RCA Splitter Cables Work

The RCA jack splitter is the device that allows you to link multiple RCA cables to the same source for a better audio signal. You can either use your RCA splitter cable on an amplifier or a turntable. Whichever device you use an RCA splitter cable on, it helps you produce an increased sound. With the splitter, it becomes easier to connect two pieces of equipment using a single cable.

It does not matter if your system only has one RCA jack; the splitter cable allows you to efficiently connect the two or three amps to one jack. But how do you get to enjoy the two-for-one feature on split RCA jacks? You must follow these directions to connect multiple amps to an RCA jack.

Step One

The first step is to link a single RCA cable to the device output outlet. Ensure that you locate the correct output units such that you do not connect to the wrong jack. Connecting to the wrong output means you will not get audio signals.

Step Two

The next step is to confirm if there are any red or white male plugs on your device’s output. If you see any white or red male plugs, ensure to unplug them before you proceed to the next step.

Step Three

After unplugging the male plugs, you can proceed to connect your RCA splitter cables. Ensure to connect your RCA splitter cables where you removed the male plugs. Connecting your cables in the wrong slots will not yield any sound when you run your sound checks.

Step Four

In order to use two amplifiers, you will need to have at the ready two sets of red and white male plugs. These two male white and red plugs will need to be connected to separate amplifiers. You have successfully split one RCA jack into two and connected to two amps if you have completed the process.

Daisy Chain Connection (Linkage Connection)

The Daisy Chain Connection is an alternative method for connecting multiple amplifiers with a single RCA cable. This method helps you to use one RCA jack to connect more than two amps via linkage. If you want to make a linkage connection, here’s what you have to do.

Step One

Hook up the RCA cable to your preferred electronic gadget. Ensure to use the proper connections when connecting your RCA jack to avoid issues or surges.

Step Two

After connecting your jack, the next thing is to connect your amplifiers. Ensure that your amp’s output and input units are empty and are not connected to another device.

Step Three

Use a Daisy Chain Splitter cable to connect your RCA connections. With a Daisy Chain Splitter, you can use a single RCA cable to connect multiple amplifiers.

Step Four

Connect one end of the splitter’s cable to the outlet input of the first amplifier, and the other end to the output outlet of the same device. If you want to connect to a different amplifier, make sure the male plug on the second wire is the right size. This method facilitates the connection of a single RCA cable between two amplifiers. Keep in mind that this technique makes use of nothing but splitters.

Line Output Converter (LOC)

This method also helps you to split RCA using the LOC box. This small box helps you to attach when using two amps. When compared to alternative approaches, we find this one to be preferable because it improves the safety of your electronic gadgets. The LOC is able to accomplish this by isolating your power supply from the input and output devices.

You can use the LOC to link many amps with one RCA jack, unlike their splitter counterparts that allow you to link a limited number of one or two amps per splitter. If you want to hook up many amps or speakers, it is best to go for the LOC system. With the LOC, you can use a single RCA for multiple amps in your car audio system.

How to Hook up Amp Without RCA Jacks

Most people prefer two or three RCA jacks when connecting multiple amplifiers because they do not know of alternatives. However, you can use the same RCA jack for audio and video devices. Even better, you can hook up your amp without using RCA connectors or jacks. If you want to connect your amp without using an RCA jack, it is best to use the line output converter. The line output converter (LOC) gives better audio quality.

You can leverage an RCA adapter to link multiple amps without RCA Jacks. Alternatively, you can use high-level inputs if you don’t want to use the LOC.

Conclusion: How to Hook Up Two Amps With One RCA Jack

Our article has discussed how to hook up two amps with one RCA jack. If you follow our guide thoroughly, you will not need to use multiple RCA jacks every time you want to connect multiple speakers or amplifiers.

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