How Much to Install a Car Radio?


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Car radio installation is not cheap, but it’s also not ridiculously expensive. However, you’ll need to make smart choices along the way. Going to the mechanic to have a car audio fitted is a pain if you don’t know anything about the subject.

Whether you want to replace your current car stereo system or get one because you don’t have any, you need to consider the costs of all equipment involved.

It takes time to install a new car stereo, and different factors can bring variations at this time. A custom car audio install and a basic car stereo come at different prices. It all comes down to how far you can go.

For this article, we did research on both and brought the most satisfactory answers you can find on the internet.

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How Much Does Car Stereo Installation Cost?

The cost to install car stereos ranges from $30 to $100. This cost is for the basic car stereo and can go up if you customize it the way you like. But remember that this cost is for the radio itself, not the accompanying equipment. You can’t really just go on with a car radio, and you need speakers, amplifiers, and in some cases, backup cameras.

But the equipment really depends on you. If you want to go with just a simple radio and speaker, it will be cheap, involve a simple installation process, and most probably not take you a long time (unless something goes wrong).

Radios come in different sizes; single and double-din radios are the most popular. Single-din radios are cheaper than double-din radios because of the difference in size and features, and Din-radio carries much more features than a single-din radio.

The stereo install cost also depends on the brand you choose. Just like any clothing brand, the more popular the brand, the more expensive it will be. The same is the case with car radio brands.

Car Stereo Installation Cost at Walmart

Depending on your state, the car radio installation cost at Walmart varies. But on average, the standard installation services cost you no more than $65. Keep in mind that this is only for the basic installation and not the more sophisticated options.

But if you already have a car radio and want to upgrade it, it will not cost you much. The reason for this sudden decrease in cost is that your car will already have some of the equipment, so you won’t have to buy it.

Coming to the time factor, it costs you around $50 for an hour. So add this cost to the equipment, and you will have your total installation cost. But if you wish to take your radio and car to a professional installer, it will probably cost you way more than $100.

So, Walmart car radios are not as expensive as people say. It is just a matter of choice. Suitable choices, such as improving your existing car radio, can help you reduce your bill.

Car Stereos Equipment Cost

Now, if you do not already have a car radio in your car, know that installing a new one will cost you more than upgrading an existing one. The car radio cannot work without basic speakers, and if you desire good audio quality, you will need a high-end amplifier too. You will also need an antenna and wire harness.

You might also need a few new wires, but this requirement varies from car to car. Starting with the speakers, the installation price starts from $50 and then goes up with the changes you make. Various functions are available on various models of speakers, with higher-priced models offering more options. So installing car speakers costs you almost the same as a car radio.

Moving on next, we have the wire harnesses. A wire harness is not expensive and costs around $20 to $25, and it is rare and a waste of money to go beyond this cost. Then comes the antenna, or in other words, the receiver. An antenna is a must, along with a car radio, because, without it, the car radio is of no use. So if you are getting a new one, an antenna will cost you no more than $30.

Now comes the amplifier. The amplifier is optional equipment; you can go on with the basic speakers without getting an amplifier. But it will not provide the best sound quality. So amplifiers might add some extra cost, but they sure will give the most fantastic audio quality. An amplifier costs around $30 and can go up and down this cost by a few bucks.

So the cost to install a new car radio and all the equipment will be at least $125. This price can vary with the choices you make.

Different Methods of Car Radio Installation

Depending on the installation method, the price and time taken can change. Generally, installing a car radio takes little time, and the work will be done within an hour. But the more complex the car is, the more time it will take. To install a car stereo, you have two methods of installation to choose from. Both have their pros and cons. The following two points will help you decide which method to choose.

  • Professional Installation

The first thing you must know about professional installation is that the price for the installation service is an addition to the cost of the car radio and equipment. So this means that whatever you pay will be an addition to that $130 bill. You can also buy the equipment from the mechanic, which will probably minus a few dollars from your bill.

But the number one reason you should choose a professional installer is that there will be fewer risks of errors. That person is a professional for a reason. Also, there might be some default in the car or equipment you don’t know about, and the installer can identify it. Moreover, they will install the radio perfectly and give you a warranty. So, if you ever feel like there is something wrong with your radio set, you can always take it back to the mechanic.

  • Do It Yourself

If you know a bit about car radio installation, a professional mechanic is not needed to get the job done. All you need is the equipment for the car radio and a few tools to start with. YouTube videos are great for clearing up any confusion if you find yourself in a bind. It is an easy and fun task and will save you a bit of money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to install a new car radio?

The cost of installing a new car radio varies depending on the equipment you choose. A car stereo installation typically costs between $25 and $100. However, if your vehicle requires a head unit, the price will almost certainly rise.

How much does it cost to install a car stereo at Walmart?

The cost of car stereo installation at Walmart is determined by the method used. Walmart provides two types of service. The first option is the standard service, which costs approximately $64.99. The advanced method is the second installation service. The price of this service varies; in most cases, it exceeds $100.

Is installing a car radio hard?

The wiring harness is the most important part of installing a car radio. In the absence of prior experience, the process can be extremely unsettling. It’s because wiring and electrical work require some experience, if not a professional. However, if you have some experience, nothing will be difficult, including the wire harnesses.

Is it worth replacing a car stereo?

There’s no denying that it’s a good idea to upgrade your car stereo if the one you’re using now isn’t cutting it. The sound quality will improve, and the new features included with the speakers will ensure that you remain at the forefront of technological development. Beyond that, you’ll have access to additional features that are always welcome.


Replacing or installing a car audio system is always worth the cost. The basic head unit of the entire system costs you a little above $25. But this price can go up with the changes you make. An automobile radio installation time and cost vary with the installation method. If you hire an expert, installation will cost more but take less time. And if you want to do it yourself, you will save money, but it will take quite a long time.

Car radios are no doubt the best long-drive partners. And there is no wrong with upgrading this partner of yours. This brings us to the end of this post.

Cheers to a joyful ride with the best sound quality from your new radio!

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