How Long Are Convertible Car Seats Good For

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Using a convertible car seat past its expiration date significantly risks your child’s safety. I know that this is the last thing you want to happen.

I’ve thoroughly investigated the expiry date of the major brand’s seats to help you avoid this issue.


Generally, the expiration date of most convertible seats is 5–12 years from manufacturing time. Nevertheless, each specific seat model has its unique expiry date.

That way, you need to check the end date of your seat to know when you should stop using it.

You’ll find that date on the back or the bottom of your seat, like with Graco seats. For Safety 1st and Cosco, you’ll find it in the seat shell. Plus, the user manual contains the expiry date as well.

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Do Convertible Car Seats Expire?

Yes, convertible car seats do expire. This happens for three main reasons, here are they:

1.    Material Wears Down.

Convertible car seats are usually used multiple times a week. They encounter spills and slight damage with each use.

Extreme cold or hot temperatures also have a negative effect on seat materials. So, the quality of the seat material deteriorates gradually.

As a result, the seat’s durability declines, making it less safe over time.

2.    Technology Gets Outdated

The technology and design of convertible car seats are rapidly changing. With each update, manufacturers add more safety features.

Comparing today’s convertible car seats with those from five years ago, you’ll find a significant difference in the level of protection.

For example, today’s seats have better energy-absorbing materials to minimize the impact of any accident.

That way, by picking the latest seat models, you’ll be sure your children are equipped with the most effective safety features.

3.    Regulations Are Updated Regularly

Organizations associated with car safety, like National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), update their regulations regularly.

This is to improve the security of car seats, including convertible seats.

All convertible seat manufacturers adhere to these regulations and enhance the safety features of their products accordingly.

Every few years, manufacturers roll out more advanced and safer seats. As a result, newer convertible seats are way more secure than older models.

How Long Do Convertible Car Seats Last?

Convertible car seats usually last 5–12 years, depending on the seat’s brand and model.

However, it’s essential to check your specific convertible seat to determine its exact expiration date.

After that date, you should stop using the seat to avoid exposing your child to any risks.

Moreover, in case of a crash or accident, the seat might expire immediately. This is especially true if the accident is severe.

In such instances, even if the damage isn’t visible, the internal components of the convertible seat might have been destroyed.

That’s why many manufacturers recommend replacing your comfortable seat right after any car incident.

How to Check Your Convertible Seat after a Crash or Accident?

After encountering an accident, there are some checks you need to do to assess the comfortable seat’s condition. Here are they:

  • Check the seat for any visible damages
  • Take a close look at the area of the car where the convertible seat was placed during the accident. If the area has severe damage, the seat is probably damaged as well.
  • Contact the manufacturer’s support service asking for help in spotting any damage.

Is It Illegal to Use an Expired Car Seat?

No, it’s not illegal to use expired car seats. Though, this doesn’t mean you should use them.

Using expired car seats risks the safety of your children. This is because such a seat can’t perform its primary function of protecting them.

What to Do With Expired Car Seats?

When your convertible seat expires, give it to a recycling service provider to dispose of it. You may also search for retailers who accept these seats for recycling.

 If you choose to get rid of the convertible seat in the garbage, ensure to remove its straps. That way, you prevent any attempt to reuse the seat.

When Do Convertible Car Seats Expire?

Each specific seat model has its own expiration date. This expiry date can range between 5 and 12 years from manufacturing time.

How Long Are Baby Car Seats Good For?

Baby car seats are good as long as they haven’t passed the expiration date, usually 5–12 years from manufacturing.

They’re also useable as far as they haven’t been involved in a crash or accident. If they’ve been in an accident or exceeded the expiry date, you need to replace them.

Conclusion on How Long Are Convertible Car Seats Good For

It’s crucial to check your convertible seat’s expiry date to avoid passing it and risking your children’s safety.

Remember that most models’ average expiration date ranges between 5–12 years.

Still, to get the accurate date of your model, you need to check its user manual. You can also look for the date on the seat itself.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can you use a convertible car seat?

You can use your convertible car seat until it reaches its expiry date, which is usually 5–10 years.

When should I replace my convertible car seat?

Once your convertible car seat reaches its expiration date, you need to replace it. You should do the same if the seat is damaged due to an accident.

Additionally, if your child exceeds the recommended height and weight of the seat, you should change it to a more suitable one.

Where is the expiration date on a convertible car seat?

The location of the expiration date on the seat varies based on each brand. Here’s a quick guide to help you find the expiration date of each major brand:

Brand Expiration Date location Average Expiration Date
Graco The back or bottom of the seat 7–10 years
Britax Under the location of your child’s head, near the top of the seat 6–10 years
Chicco Under the seat 5–10 years
Safety 1st On the seat’s shell 8–12 years
Cosco On the seat’s shell 8–12 years
Evenflo On the seat’s shell 6–8 years
Peg Perego Under the seat 7–12 years
Diono On the back or bottom of the seat 6–10 years
Maxi-Cosi On the base of the seat’s shell 8–12 years

How long are Britax car seats good for?

The average expiration date of Britax car seats is 6–10 years.

How long are Graco convertible car seats good for?

Most Graco convertible seats last for around 7–10 years.

How long are car seats good for Safety 1st?

Most Safety 1st car seats stay good to use for around 8–12 years.

How long are Cosco car seats good for?

Cosco convertible seats expiration is usually 8–12 years.


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