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One time I only wanted to make a quick trip to the mall, but when I tried to turn on the radio in my Honda Fit, it prompted me to enter the radio code. I, too, was at a loss as to how to fix the problem at first, but after doing some research, I learned that this is a rather typical occurrence for owners of the Honda Fit. Find out how to fix the problem below.


Most times, your Honda fit radio will ask for a security key if the car’s battery dies. However, the code isn’t difficult to get. It is usually printed on a sticker in your glove box. However, if you use a custom Honda fit audio system, you will not find the radio code in the glove box. In such a case, you can visit Honda’s official website to check for your radio code. Also, in most cases you can find your code using the vehicle identification number. Your VIN is a 17-digit number that is either located on the dashboard or on the vehicle’s registration card.

It might seem like an overstep for a radio to have a security code. You may feel this way especially if you want to listen to some music and your Honda fit radio requires a passcode. However, car radios are among some of the most stolen car components. So, when your radio is disconnected, it requires a unique radio code before it unlocks. Also, at certain times, if your battery is completely dead, it will trigger this anti-theft mechanism. Don’t worry though, I’ve prepared a guide to help you retrieve your Honda Fit radio code.

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Honda Fit 2008 Radio Code

Unlocking a 2008 Honda fit is relatively easy. You may not even need a code to get your radio up and going again. All you need to do is apply a simple fix by holding down the radio power button for at least two seconds to reset the radio.

If this doesn’t work, however, and your Honda 2008 fit keeps asking for a code, look in your glove box for a sticker with the code. Furthermore, check the owner’s manual for a five-digit number that is usually carrying the tag “Anti-Theft Radio Code”. You should note that the radio code is a five-digit number, anything longer or shorter than that won’t activate your radio.

Honda Fit 2007 Radio Code

A 2007 Honda fit might not be a prime target for thieves, but having a radio code prevents it from being stolen nonetheless. Your 2007 Honda stereo setup will require a radio code after the battery is disconnected or replaced. Note that you won’t get access to your Honda fit radio unless you provide this unique code. Memorizing the codes for your Honda fit might seem a bit far-fetched. Thus, we’ve pointed out a few ways you can use to retrieve your radio code in the case it gets missing.

To reset your radio without a code, try holding down the Honda fit radio preset buttons for a few seconds. Your radio will automatically reset once you trigger the reset time. Ensure you press and hold the buttons correctly. The Honda fit radio’s power button doubles as its preset button. If you do this correctly and your Honda fit radio still doesn’t allow you access, you must use your radio code. You should find the five-digit number in your glove box or your owner’s manual. The Honda fit radio code is usually next to your radio’s serial number with the tag “Anti-Theft Radio Code ”. 

Honda Fit 2013 Radio Code

Are you searching for the radio code for your Honda 2013 fit? Search through your owner’s manual or in your glove compartment for a sticker containing a number. You should locate the number with five characters that you can use to unlock your stereo set. If you can’t find the number in your manual or the glove compartment, you can search for your radio code online using the vehicle’s VIN and radio serial number. This process may be a lot to take in, especially if you want to rock out while driving on the freeway. 

Honda Fit 2009 Radio Code

It’s quite easy to locate a 2009 Honda radio code, check your glove box or owner’s manual. It’s a five-digit code, difficult to miss. However, there’s a possibility you might not find it there. Maybe you lost your Honda fit owner’s manual or it’s not in the glove box. There’s another way you can retrieve your Honda fit radio code. Use your VIN and radio serial number online at Honda’s official website. 

2010 Honda Fit Radio Code

Typically, you should find your 2010 Honda radio code in your glove compartment or the user manual. It is usually on a white sticker tagged “Anti Theft Radio Code.” However, if you can’t find the sticker, you can always use your VIN to search for and retrieve your radio code online at Honda’s official website.

Locating a Serial Number or VIN Number on a Honda Civic

Finding a Honda Civic’s serial number is always a challenging affair. In this section, we will offer you possible locations where you can check for your vehicle’s serial number. A vehicle number is used to identify a vehicle and it’s tied to its owner through the vehicle’s registration card.

If your Honda Civic gets stolen, you can report it to the police and they would register your serial number for listing. The police have a list of serial numbers for all stolen vehicles. Hence, once they come in contact with a vehicle, they will compare the vehicle’s serial number to the list to determine if it’s stolen or not.

Your Honda Civics’ serial number is more important than the license plates. Hence, it would be best if you had a way of remembering it.

Below are some methods you can use to locate your Honda Civics’ serial number:

  • It should be on a small white sticker that is close to the door on the driver’s side.
  • It is usually engraved into the front of the engine, you should see it when you pop the hood.
  • It is usually on the driver’s side of the windshield.

Furthermore, ensure you always check that the serial number provided for the vehicle is the same as the one on the car. You should always check this to avoid buying a stolen car.

You may come across a local Honda dealer that won’t provide corresponding serial numbers. For instance, the number on the documents will differ from those appearing on the car.

How Do I Find My Radio Codes?

There are several ways for you to get your radio code but the most efficient is by contacting the manufacturer of your Honda radio. The manufacturer should be able to locate the Honda radio code specific to your radio. Furthermore, if you don’t have the original packaging or have lost your code, you can contact the local Honda dealer where you bought the radio. 

You can also contact the company that installed your radio unit for assistance. Furthermore, other online services can help you retrieve your radio code. However, ensure that these services are legit and the information you provide is correct. In addition, ensure you have this information before you start searching. You can also locate the radio code by removing the radio unit and looking at the back or inside the unit itself. Whichever method works for you, ensure you are careful with these electrical components.

Are Radio Codes Applicable to Older Honda Versions?

Yes, they are. However, older Honda radio code versions are a tad more lenient. Older Honda radio fits have universal codes. Thus, older Honda models use similar codes and these codes can work on all older Honda models. The use of different codes was an advancement in security on the side of Honda for their devices. Honda cars were often a target for people who wanted to steal cars and sell them.

How to Locate the 4-Digit Code for a Honda Radio

Did you lose your 4-digit Honda radio code? Don’t panic, there’s a way you can retrieve it. However, you will require the serial number for your radio. You can find the radio serial number for your Honda radio at the back of the unit.

Once you have the radio’s serial number, you can go to Honda’s site, and input the number. Once you’ve put the code in you can submit it. The website will generate a code for you and you can use this code to unlock your Honda radio.

Must I Have a Honda Radio Code Before I Can Unlock My Radio?

If you misplaced your Honda radio code, you don’t need to worry. There are some ways you can use to unlock your Honda radio fit without Honda’s radio code. One of the most popular ways is to use the master code.

The master code is a code that is unique to every Honda radio fit. You can locate the master code for your radio unit by looking up the stereo serial number. Furthermore, you can also use the VIN to unlock your radio display.


It won’t be enjoyable if you get to your car only to discover that your radio unit has been stolen. Radio codes are used in Honda radio installations to deter criminals from taking your stereo equipment. When the radio’s battery is disconnected or when the battery runs out, it turns on. You can avoid a lot of bother if you know where to look for your Honda radio code.

Honda’s anti-theft mechanism is highly effective. You won’t be able to use your stereo setup unless you input a radio code into the radio. However, if your radio model is an older version, you should be able to use a universal code for it. If that’s not the case and you’re trying to unlock your stereo, this article provides everything you need to unlock your radio setup.

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