Single Din and Double Din Head Units – The Ultimate Resource

Having a double din head unit in your car is cool. There are so many things you can do with a big screen in a car. This is the reason Volvo has placed over 10-Inch screens in their new models. So why don’t you do the same?

With today’s technology, head units have become pretty much like our smartphones. They can do everything a smartphone can but on a bigger screen and usually some kind of voice recognition. Apple and Google have even created specific systems called Apple Carplay and Android Auto. These systems will help you keep your hands on the wheel while telling the head unit to send a text message, call someone or help you navigate using your voice.

But a double din head unit isn’t for everyone and we are not limited to this. Here, on our collection page for head units, we present all kinds of information to you. Whether you are looking for a new double din head unit or a single din. Learn more with our informative articles or find the best head unit using one of our buying guides. If you find a unit you like, read our review of it and decide if it’s the perfect head unit for you!

Best Double Din Head Unit & Stereo in 2020

A head unit is such an essential thing to have when it comes to car audio. It’s the thing that will power your speakers (if you are not using an amplifier), it’s the thing that you interact with when choosing music.

For our head unit buyer guide, we have been focusing on double din head units since we believe that is what most people want. They feature big touchscreens, navigation and seamless connections to your phone via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Find your next double din head unit by clicking the button below.

Best Single DIN Flip Out Screen Head Unit & Stereos 2020

In most cases, double DIN head units are a lot better options than single DIN head units. However, if you can’t fit a double din in your car, you should buy a single din flip head unit. They come with amazing features like Bluetooth, navigation, sound control, and many other cool options.

Head Unit Reviews

Does this head unit work with my phone? Can I navigate with this head unit? Can I play Spotify on it? The questions are many and in our product reviews, we have done our best to answer them. So, if you are looking for a new head unit for your car, you should check out our reviews before purchase. Below, you can find our three latest head unit reviews.

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Find out more about head units in our posts, where we post relevant information and answers questions that we get. There is a lot to learn and we are always adding more so if you have a question that isn’t answered yet, just hold on and it will come. For everything head units on Greatest Speakers, take a look down below. What’s the reason you purchased a new head unit?