Graco 4Ever Review – Real Crash Test

“Mommy, what was that Big Bang?” She didn’t know that we…

…just survived a horrible car crash.  This has happened with my sister in law. They were driving normally when out of the blue; a big SUV slammed into their car. The engine was deformed that it will be hard to recognize.

The airbags deployed doing their job. The car has spun out into oncoming traffic. All the tires exploded. My sister in law ended up in the ER. She had a broken nose and a few bruises. Her 4 and half-year-old daughter walked away without a scratch.

As a matter of fact, she was so protected that she didn’t register that there was an accident.

The next days she was off to kindergarten as if nothing happened.

Also, I hear about another incident. The little one was riding in an SUV when they crashed into a restaurant. The car was wrecked, and the little guy had a small bruise on his cheek, and that’s it.

These vehicles we’re traveling weigh a few tons. The forces that are involved during a crash are unbelievable. 10-20 years ago, these accidents would’ve been fatal. This is how good cars got, and this is why you need the safest car seat that you can afford.

Before we get any further, let me give you a quick preview. This car seat promises that it’s the only one you will buy. It will serve your child from infancy until they reach 120 pounds. The four functions are the following rear-facing harness, forward-facing harness, highback booster, and backless booster.

It provides a protection bubble. No matter if it’s a frontal, rear, side-impact, it will protect your little one from the deadliest rollover crash as well.

Let’s get this Graco 4Ever Car Seat review started. If you stick with me until the end, I will tell you the pros/cons. Some of them are unexpected, to say the least.


Who is the Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat?

This car seat is for parents who invest in the long run. The car seat serves from infancy to the age your child learns to drive.

It supports the extended rear-facing. And it’s one of the safest car seats money can buy.


What can the Graco 4Ever car seat do for you?

As you have read the above stories, you can tell that this is a safe seat. The crash tests are not laboratory-controlled. They happened with parents like you and me.

The installation is quite easy, thanks to the latch system. The removal well that’s not that easy.

Once you’ve installed your car seat, you’re done. It’s well designed so you can remove your little one with ease. Best of all are the straps. There’s no rethreading ever.

I have two major flaws. I can’t undo knots and can’t rethread straps. With this car seat, I don’t have to hassle with them.

Since this car seat is a lifer, the expiration date is long as well. You can safely use this car seat for 10 years. That’s a great money saver right there.

It was designed to be long-lasting. The frame is made out of steel that is an excellent material to keep your little one safe.

By far, this car seat has the best fabric ever. Let’s say there was an accident or something got spilled. With a few clicks, it’s off, and it’s in the washing machine. I was like WOW it can’t be that easy, and it is.


Graco 4Ever shortcomings

Those above-mentioned stories are powerful. Yet I have to burst your bubble. This isn’t the perfect car seat. It has some flaws. Let’s see if they are a deal-breaker for you.

A baby can ride in this car seat, but it’s much better to have an infant carrier. This Graco is bulky and heavy. No way will it fit on any shopping cart. Plus, the uninstall is cumbersome. For long rides, this car seat is ideal. For popping in and out of the car well, it’s not what it was designed for.

The straps tend to twist. I mean, on every occasion when you put your little one in, it has to be untangled. Well, this is not a big issue, but when you have a protesting child, it will quickly get on your nerves.

The cup holders are clip-on. And they tend to get knocked loose too frequently. Every time you put your child in, you will have to deal with that. Plus, creative toddlers can easily remove it and use it as a projectile. Many parents said that they had lost the cup holder because of it.

Some parents reported that over time the harness loosens. I haven’t noticed that at all. Maybe that happens with an older model?

Last but not least, I want to mention the head flop. Yes, this tends to happen from time to time. That means the seat is not at the optimal recline position.

This would be the flaws of this Graco car seat. What do you think are they that bad? If you’re still with me, let’s go on.


How To Get The Most Out Of Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat?

Accidents do happen with the nicest people; this is why you have to be prepared as much as possible. Install the car seat in one of the safest positions possible. The best position is in the middle of the car. Now for some, that’s not possible, so the second safest spot is behind the driver.

Once that’s done, you have to make it as snug as possible. If it wiggles too much, the car seat can’t do its job. It’s easy to install. Just use the latch system. If you want to be extra sure of your job, ask for a second opinion from a licensed professional.



It’s easy to install might be the easiest of them all

No more rethreading the straps ever

The fabric removal is super-fast


The straps tangle up too fast, and it’s a pain to undo them with a protesting child

The cup holders fall off way too easily.


Conclusion for the Graco 4Ever Car Seat Reviews

One of the parents who said that this car seat is so good that it will serve you while you bring your baby home from the hospital until they are old enough to drive. I couldn’t agree more.

We have reached the end of this Graco 4Ever Car Seat Reviews. Now the ball is in your court, is it the right fit for you? If so, get it now because stocks are running low.

If you have experience with this car seat, do share it with us below. If you have any questions, send it to me, and I’ll do my best to help you.


Catch you next time.

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