Find Out if the Double DIN Head Unit Is Better Than the Single DIN

Single DIN and Double DIN are the two main radio sizes which feature on modern automobiles. They are also popularly written as 1 DIN and 2 DIN. The system was standardized by the German Standards organization Deutsches Institut fur Normung, or DIN for short. Though both systems were popular in the past, in recent years, 2 DIN has far outstripped 1 DIN as the format of choice for car manufacturers. So it can be safely said that one size is indeed superior to the other, barring a few exceptions.

If your car has 1 DIN slot, you cannot put a 2 DIN deck in it. But conversely, 2 DIN slots are large enough to accommodate 1 DIN decks or head units. So the question of a choice between both sizes only arises if your car has 2 DIN and you want to pick a new head unit. So here are some compelling reasons why 2 DIN head units are better than 1 DIN.

They are Bigger

This is the single and most straightforward answer to the question: what makes 2 DIN different from 1 DIN. Everything else springs from this primary distinction, including both advantages as well as some minor disadvantages. If you stack together two 1 DIN decks, you will get the size of a 2 DIN deck.

The width of the two head units are the same (7 inches), but regarding height 2 DIN is double the size of a 1 DIN deck (4 inches vs. 2 inches). All that extra space can be utilized for including more and more advanced features, many of which cannot be added to 1 DIN, mainly due to the space restrictions.

2 DIN Slot is More Compatible

Due to the size restrictions, the smaller 1 DIN slot cannot accept a 2 DIN deck. If you have a car with such a slot, your only option if you want a 2 DIN head unit is to buy another car that has this slot. But if you have a car with double-DIN, you can put a head unit of your choice. Remember, the slot is big enough to accommodate two single DIN head units.

Why A Double DIN Head Unit Is Better Than a Single DIN 1

A bigger screen is easier to see and easier to control while driving.

Double DIN Slot Has More Storage Space

If you choose to install a single DIN in a double DIN slot, you end up losing on a lot of advanced features. But thanks to the extra space on this slot, you do get extra storage space as a saving grace.

2 DIN has easier controls

When you are driving, small buttons on the deck can be incredibly hard to spot and manipulate. In traffic, this can be quite dangerous as well, as you may have to take your eye off the road. On a double DIN unit, the increased space translates into larger and more visible control buttons. They are easy to spot and press, often without even taking your eye off the road.

DVD/CD Players with Digital Display

This used to be a huge advantage that Double Din head units had over Single DIN. We say “used to” because, with the march of time, the CD/DVD players are also heading down the path that was taken by cassette players a few years ago. But while they are still around, this counts as a solid advantage for 2 DIN. The extra space ensures that you get large displays with lots of information and features like equalizers and playlists.

Video Screens With HD

In recent years, this feature has revolutionized the way we use our car head units. Features like rear view camera feeds, which were found only on luxury cars, can now be found on even budget models. All you need to do is buy a head unit with advanced video playback capabilities. These days, the 1080p capability has started to become the norm.

Why A Double DIN Head Unit Is Better Than a Single DIN 2

Many head units have features like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to seamless connect to your phone.

Touchscreens with Smart Features

When thin cell phones have such advanced features, why should modern head units be any different? Thanks to the extra screen real estate available on 2 DIN decks, manufacturers have started including features of advanced touchscreen devices in their modern head units. These models have many features you would expect from an iPhone or an Android device. They include advanced touch screens, powerful processors, apps support for software like CarPlay, GPS and navigation software, and much more.

Advanced Connectivity & Networking’

As a continuation of the last point, modern double DIN head units also sport the ubiquitous internet and WiFi connectivity, along with other wireless technologies like Bluetooth. They also have a wide range of connecting slots like USB and micro-USB, AUX, and SD cards. Along with the internet, these slots provide numerous different ways to play your favorite music when you are driving.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Single din vs double din which is the better choice?

The choice between 2 DIN vs Single DIN is not always clear cut. It all depends on your needs. However, I prefer double-din head units, because they have larger screens, making them easier to operate as well. If they can display a lot of information with extra clarity, then what’s not to like?

However, there have been a large number of single din head units in modern times that can match the features of double-din models. So if you have a small budget and don’t need the extra space, you can easily pick one up.

Is a double din better than single din?

Well, that is a matter of personal taste. They both have some unique advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day, double din is better than single din. Choose a double din head unit if you want large buttons and a big screen. You will find them easier to operate as well.

What is the difference between single din and double din?

On the face of it, they are both car head units that fit in a single DIN slot. But there is more to it than meets the eye, and there are differences between the two formats. Bigger controls make double din head units easier to operate than their single-din counterparts. They also have bigger screens with advanced features like video

How many inches is a 1 DIN slot?

A 1 DIN slot is actually a standard size that was developed by the German Standards organization Deutsches Institut fur Normung, or DIN for short. This organization also came up with the standard for Double Din head units, which are slightly larger than single-din models. they are 4 inches in height and 7 inches in width.

Is double din better than single din?

The answer to this question is both yes and no, depending on your requirements. Double-din head units are bigger in size and include larger buttons that make them easier to manage when you are driving. The extra screen space ensures a more detailed display with features like video playback.

However, single din head units have their own set of advantages, especially in the area of cost. They are cheaper and have a compact design as well.

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