Do Infant Car Seats Come With a Base?

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The main question I’m here to address is, should infant car seats come with a base, or can you use a car seat without a base?

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There are plenty of car seat types available in the market, but do infant car seats come with a base? The answer is yes, most infant car seats these days come with an easy-to-install base.

Nonetheless, you’ll have to purchase the base separately for some brands, while others don’t require bases.

Car seat bases, though not compulsory when installing infant car seats, offer a great deal of convenience. You don’t have to go through the tedious process of buckling and unbuckling your car seat each time.

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Can You Use an Infant Car Seat Without a Base?

Welcoming an infant into the family is quite challenging. Many preparations must be done right, including selecting the suitable, safest, and most comfortable car seat for your little one.

That said, you can equip your car seat with additional safety features, like a car seat base. The base helps secure your infant car seat in a safe and convenient position without compromising your baby’s comfort.

However, you can still use your infant car seat without a base. As most car seats are designed for safety and stability, they can be installed with the help of your car’s seat belt or LATCH system alone.

Important: Before making the purchase, make sure that your infant car seat is designed to be compatible with bases since some infant car seats are better off without a base.

Main Benefits of Infant Car Seat Bases

Now, you’re probably contemplating whether or not to purchase a base to support your infant’s car seat. Well, here are some of its perks:


If you have multiple vehicles and love to travel or move around, it may be a good choice to install car seat bases to help save time and effort.

Buying several car seat bases is more convenient and cost-effective than buying multiple car seats for each vehicle.

With the help of car seat bases, transferring your infant’s car seat from one vehicle to another is convenient as long as there’s already a pre-installed base.

Removing the car seat from the base after use isn’t hard, either.


Some car bases provide additional cushioning to keep the car seat in place.

The base increases stability and helps minimize movement, so your precious one can sleep snugly despite the bumpy ride.

Additional Protection From Impact

Most car seat bases are equipped with protective mechanisms like the anti-rebound bar that helps reduce the effect of impact in case of an accidental crash.

Safety features aside, most car seat bases have an easy-to-read bubble indicator that tells whether your car seat is installed at the right angle.

Note: Both features are common in several car seats that don’t require a base.

How to Choose a Car Seat Base?

Aside from pricing and material quality, it’s important to consider other factors like your infant’s age, height, and weight when selecting the most suitable car seat base.

The base must be strong enough to accommodate both your infant and car seat’s weight and size. Not to mention that your car seat base should also fit your car.

In addition to the infant’s size, you also need to consider the specifications of your car seat. Consequently, some car seat models may be compatible only with bases sold from the same brand.

Additional considerations include bulkiness, easy cleaning and maintenance, portability, and installation.

Are All Infant Car Seat Bases the Same?

No. Infant car bases aren’t universal and usually differ in fitment options (either with a seat belt or ISOFIX).

That’s why it’s best to consult your product manual upon purchase to check which products go well together.

Infant Car Seats That Don’t Need a Base

Meanwhile, here are some infant car seat brands and models that don’t require the use of bases (based on recommendations from experts):

1.   Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 LX

This car seat features an anti-rebound bar and can be customized to fit your vehicle. It’s crash-tested and has TrueShield Technology that offers extra protection against side impacts.

2.   Clek Liing

Clek Liing infant car seat is lightweight and offers increased protection against collisions with its metal load leg.

It features both a rigid LATCH and belt-tensioning system that makes installation extra safe and easy.

Best Infant Car Seats With a Base

If you’re wondering about which best infant car seats come with a base, check out these products:

1.   UPPAbaby MESA V2

Powered with Smart Secure System, UPPAbaby’s MESA V2 is easy-to-install without compromising safety. The car seat is washable and not readily susceptible to fires.

2.   Chicco KeyFit 30

This car seat and base bundle is more affordable than UPPAbaby’s Mesa V2.

It features accurate installation using ReclineSure leveling foot and two bubble-level indicators. It also includes a head and body support suitable for newborn infants.

This infant car seat is easy to install with an energy-absorbing foam feature for increased protection from impacts.

It has innovative features like the SuperCinch LATCH Tightener. This feature helps the infant car seat to fit into your car snugly. 

3.   Chicco KeyFit 35

The Keyfit 35 is compact and suitable for smaller car models. It boasts the same key features as KeyFit 30, except that this model can accommodate an infant weighing up to 35 pounds and up to 32 inches in length.


Though most infant car seats come with a base, car seat bases aren’t compulsory for infant car seat installation.

Subsequently, car seat bases offer ease of convenience and make the transfer and installation of infant car seats a lot easier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.   Do all-in-one car seats have a base?

All-in-one car seats, like the ones from Graco, are equipped with built-in car bases that aren’t detachable from the seat.

2.   Which car seat does not need a base?

Most convertible car seats don’t need a base for installation.

This type of car seat is less portable and heavier than infant car seats as they are designed to accommodate growing children.

3.   Are infant car seats safer with a base?

Bases don’t necessarily make an infant car seat safer. So, even without a base, your car seat can still be safe for your infant.

Also, the car seat base’s features focus more on convenience in installation and transfer.

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