Cleck Flow Review – Does it Deliver?

My son was anti-car until I got…

We have tried everything. From putting him in the car when he was sleepy or awake. His mom was by the side, but all we got was chainsaw crying. It seemed that my son doesn’t like the car.

All this had changed when we got the Cleck Flow car seat. I wonder if this chair is blessed. The difference is like night and day. He sits there comfortably and in quiet.

Now my wife can sit in the front, and we can have a pleasant conversation.


Before we get any further, let me give you a quick preview. It comes with rear-facing mode and front-facing mode. So no matter the age of your child, it will be in maximum safety. Did I mention the side impact protection? As you know, T-Bone types of crashes are the most dangerous ones. Cleck had that in mind when they create these car seats.

It’s made out of long-lasting materials, and it will serve you for 9 years. Good for two or even three kids.

Let’s get this Cleck Flow review started. If you stick with me until the end, I will tell you the pros/cons. Some of them are unexpected, to say the least.


Who can get the most out of this Cleck Flow car seat?

The Cleck Flow car seat is for those who want a narrow chair. If you don’t have a seven-seater and you want to fit an adult between two kids, this is your best solution.

This Cleck Flow car seat is the narrowest one on the market today.

Of course, it has all the bells and whistles you need like safety, style, and adjustability.

When you want to maximize the seat in the car, this is the best choice for you.


What can the Cleck Flow car seat do for you?

The main reason I love the Cleck Flow car seat is that it’s simple and effective. You don’t need a rocket science degree to install it.

One of the major buying points were that they had put a lot of emphasis on safety. Yes, all child car seats are safe. And Cleck went the extra mile. The side impact protection is leading in the industry.

The fabric is soft, so it’s comfortable for any child to sit there. Best of all, according to the tests, it has the least toxic chemicals and fire retardants. That’s good to know. I don’t want my child to breathe those poisons on hours at end.

Did I mention the looks? Well, it’s like a child version of a race car seat. It looks so cool.  Maybe my boy will be a professional racer when he grows up, thanks to this car seat.


Cleck Flow shortcomings

As you know, there’s no such thing as the perfect car seat. There are abound to be some bugs or issues. I feel that it’s my civic duty to share it with you.

I love the resistive stain fabric. It’s a great invention. And something went wrong with the design. The material is indeed stain proof, but where does the liquid go? For example, if the child has a peeing accident, then the pee disappears in the many hidden crevices.

Now imagine driving on a long road trip during the summer. The smell will be unbearable if you don’t open all the windows. The other solution is to pull over disassemble hose down, wait an hour to dry, and assemble it again.

Another problem with the Cleck Flow is that it always sets the detectors off at the airport. This means that the friendly TSA agent has to pat you down. And by you, I mean the whole family. Keep this in mind if you want to travel by these car seats.

For older kids, there should be a cup holder, but it’s missing. Plus, there’s no strap holder either. After I have finally put my son in, I always have to search for those straps.

This child car seat isn’t on the cheap side either. For the price, you’re getting one year of warranty and 9 years of use. If you need to get a baby to insert well, you need to buy it separately.

Additional items seem to be overpriced.


How To Get The Most Out Of Cleck Flow car seat?

The Cleck Flow car seat comes with both front facing mode and rear-facing mode. You probably know this already so that I won’t go on and on. Younger children are much safer if they are riding in rear facing mode.

Forward facing is recommended from one year upwards. This Cleck Flow car seat is simple and effective. It’s easy to install and use. The steel anti-rebound bar enhances safety.

The fabric is resistive stains, so it’s easy to keep it clean. If you want to avoid those nasty chemicals, then you can rest assured that there are no brominated or chlorinated flame retardants present.

This car seat is compatible with infants as well. For that, you will need to buy the infant insert separately. So from birth to early childhood, this car seat is there to serve you.


It looks good in the car, and it’s safe at the same time

It’s safe tests show that it has the least toxic chemicals and fire retardants

It’s the narrowest car seat you can buy. Two of these in the backseat, and there’s still room in the middle for an adult.


The stain resistive fabric is a good idea until a peeing accident. It fills all the hidden crevices so it will smell.

It’s hard to fly with this car seat. TSA agents warn against it.


Conclusion for Cleck Flow Review

This is the narrowest car seat on the market. It’s less than 17 inches wide. If you want to have three people in the back, this will be the best solution for you. Not everyone can afford a seven-seater so the Cleck Flow car seat will help you add an extra child seat or have space for an adult in the back.

For this alone it’s worth buying it. Of course, it has many pros and a few flaws, and you know that already.

We have reached the end of this Cleck Flow review. Thanks for reading this far. If you have experience with the Cleck Flow car seat, do share them below. Maybe I’ve missed something? If so I will update my post.

How does your child feel while riding in this car seat? Would you recommend it to others?

Catch you next time.

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