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Let’s be honest, taking the little one for a spin is no easy feat. Between the juggling and wrestling with those flashy car seats inside the car, it’s enough to make anyone reconsider leaving the house.

Enter the built-in car seat. If you’ve never heard about it, it is what it says it is. When you’re already dealing with a tiny dictator from the backseat, it seems like the BFF you didn’t know you needed.

Keep scrolling to find out if it’s worth switching your portable carrier for a built-in car seat.

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A Brief History of Built-In Car Seat

Volvo introduced the first-ever built-in booster cushion in 1990.

The Swedish car brand redesigned the center armrest to elevate the child seat and use the existing 3-point safety belt. Shortly after, Dodge released their own integrated car seat design.

No built-in infant seats have hit the market to this day. Volvo XC90 Excellence is the only conceptual model to feature an integrated swiveling and rear-facing carrier. It features a baby seat perched on a platform that replaces the passenger seat.

The concept hasn’t seen the light of day until now.

Advantages of a Car With Built In Child Seat

Here are some things you’ll love about a built-in car seat:

1.   Convenience

You don’t need to install a car seat each time you travel with your child. You hop in, buckle up, and you’re good to go.

For those with a pair of pint-sized passengers, some models even offer the convenience of two built-in boosters.

It’s a time-saver for families who like to hit the road. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the car seat sliding off the backseat’s cushion.

Without a portable seat to lug around, you can focus on what really matters: surviving the ride with your sanity intact.

2.   Space-saving

You don’t have to sacrifice precious cargo space for a clunky car seat when you can opt for a built-in child cushion. It frees up valuable room for all the other kiddie essentials, like snacks and toys.

Disadvantages of a Car With Built In Child Seat

Let’s explore why built-in booster seats failed to gain mainstream success.

1.   Lack of Flexibility

As convenient as built-in car seats may be, they do come with a catch: they’re not exactly portable.

So, if you’re switching cars without a backup seat, you might find yourself in a bind.

2.   Limited Use

Built-in car seats are typically boosters without a rear-facing option, so they’re not suitable for babies.

Weight and height specifications can limit their use, too. Not to mention, children can outgrow them pretty quickly. After 4–5 years of usage, built-in seats may no longer be necessary, especially without other miniature humans to inherit them.

If your car breaks down and you need a lift, a backup car seat will be handy. You don’t want to get stranded on the side of the road with a fussy toddler.

3.   Lack of Support

Portable booster seats have thick backs and side-head protection, which built-in car seats lack. Because of the absence of support cushions, built-in car seats offer less protection.

If your child is a chronic car napper, that’s another thing to consider. Without a cushy side support to lean their heads on, sleeping can get highly uncomfortable.

In the unfortunate event of a crash, a carrier allows paramedics to remove the whole car seat to keep the child stable.

4.   Extra Cost

Built-in car seats aren’t always a standard issue. If they’re an optional feature, this can jack up the price of the vehicle.

Do Any Cars Have Built-in Car Seats?

Only a handful of cars have built-in booster seats.

Cars With Built In Car Seat 2022

Volvo is the only carmaker still offering a built-in booster seat option for some models.

1.    Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 is a mid-size SUV with one integrated booster seat in the center of the second row.

2.    Volvo XC60

The Volvo XC60 is a compact SUV with two booster seats integrated into the outer seats of the back row.

3.    Volvo V90 Cross Country

The Volvo V90 Cross Country wagon has two built-in booster seats in both outer seats of the back row.

Old Cars With Built-in Car Seats

While many models with built-in car seats are no longer in production, you can buy a used car with this feature. These old-timers once had child safety built into them:

1.    Volvo Built In Car Seat

  • Volvo 960 (1990–1996)
  • Volvo S40 (1995–2011)
  • Volvo V60 (2011–2021)
  • Volvo V70 (2007–2016)

2.    Dodge Built In Car Seat

  • Dodge Caravan (1992–2010)
  • Dodge Grand Caravan (1992–2010)
  • Dodge Journey (2009–2020)

Final Thoughts on Car With Built In Car Seat

If you’re sick of the car seat shuffle and ready to buckle up for the long haul, built-in car seats are worth a test drive.

But before you fully jump on the built-in booster bandwagon, do your homework and weigh the pros and cons.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Built-in Car Seats Legal?

Built-in car seats are legal as long as they meet federal requirements for booster seats. State laws cover specifications for age and size-appropriate booster seats, but none about built-in ones.

What Car Comes With Built-in Car Seat?

Volvo is the only car company currently offering built-in booster seats.

Which Volvo Has Built-in Car Seat?

The 2022 Volvo XC60 and 2022 Volvo XC90 have integrated car seats. Another car with built in booster seat is the Volvo V90 Cross Country wagon.

Does Volvo XC90 Have Built-in Car Seats?

The Volvo XC90 is a car with built in booster seat.

Is There a Car With Built In Baby Seat?

Currently, there are no cars with built-in infant seats.

Can You Find a Built In Car Seat in Van?

Of course! The Dodge Caravan and Dodge Grand Caravan built between 1992 and 2010 have built-in child seats in the middle row. The Dodge Journey crossovers from 2009 to 2020 also have integrated booster seats. 

Why Is It Uncommon to Find a Built-In Car Seat in Car?

Children can outgrow their car seats pretty quickly, so it’s not practical to have a built-in car seat in the long run.

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