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Welcome to the Cars That Start with X Hot List!

After spending the last few weeks in research mode by reading encyclopedias, looking up old newspapers, interviewing old timers and also finding my dad’s secret car magazine stash (not just cars if you know what I mean) I’m ready to reveal all the cars and brands that start with the letter X.


The letter X is not that popular there’s only one Sports Car which is a concept and one brand. Normally I have a full list of sports cars and expensive cars and it’s not the case with this letter.

Either way enjoy and put it to good use.

Let me see them already!



Car Brands That Start with X



If you want to find some fun facts about these brands then scroll, but first…


Sports Cars That Start with X


The Top Sports Car That Start With the Letter X based on Engine Power:

X Works Automotive X1 Concept

Year: 2007
Power Output: 350 bhp


What You Need To Know About Car Brands That Start with X



XPeng was founded in 2014 by He Xiaopeng, Xia Heng, He Tao, Yang Chunlei and it’s based in Guangzhou, China. They focus on creating electric vehicles.


Cars That Start with X



  •    X Models – BMW
  •     X Type – Jaguar
  •     X-90 – Suzuki
  •     X-Bow – KTM
  •     X-Class – Mercedes-Benz
  •     X-Trail – Nissan
  •     X1 – BMW
  •     X1/9 – Bertone
  •     X1/9 – Fiat
  •     X2 – BMW
  •     X200 – Great Wall
  •     X220 – Mercedes-Benz
  •     X240 – Great Wall
  •     X250 – Mercedes-Benz
  •     X3 – BMW
  •     X350 – Mercedes-Benz
  •     X4 – BMW
  •     X5 – BMW
  •     X6 – BMW
  •     X7 – BMW
  •     X80 – LIFAN
  •     Xantia – Renault
  •     XC40 – Volvo
  •     XC60 – Volvo
  •     XC70 – Volvo
  •     XC90 – Volvo
  •     XD3 – BMW Alpina
  •     XE – Jaguar
  •     Xenon – Tata
  •     XF – Jaguar
  •     XJ – Jaguar
  •     XJ12 – Jaguar
  •     XJ6 – Jaguar
  •     XJ8 – Jaguar
  •     XJR – Jaguar
  •     XJS – Jaguar
  •     XJSC – Jaguar
  •     XK – Jaguar
  •     XK8 – Jaguar
  •     XKR – Jaguar
  •     XL-7 – Suzuki
  •     XM – Citroen
  •     Xsara – Citroen
  •     XU6 – HSV
  •     XU8 – HSV
  •     XUV500 – Mahindra
  •     XV – Subaru


Conclusions on all the Cars That Start with X Hot List

We have reached the end of this list. It was a short one. Car makers don’t really like the X letter.

Luckily there are more than enough cars with X to compensate.

Now if you want to enjoy how a real car list looks like with expensive cars and sports cars are click one of the links above.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the X stand for in cars?

Crossover is marked as X typically with most cars. However it can mean 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

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