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Welcome to the Cars That Start with J Hot List!

After spending the last few weeks in research mode and left no stone unturned by asking old timers, reading encyclopedias, scouring old news papers and by accident finding my dad’s old car magazine collection (with a few that are not for the faint of heart) I’m ready to show you which cars and brands start with the letter J.


I will tell you how it is and won’t bore you with stuffy history. Plus I’ve made something special for you. By scrolling you will see a list of Expensive cars, Sports cars and even a Muscle car with the J initial.

Enjoy the list and brace yourself for the sticker shock.

Let me see them already!



Car Brands That Start with J



If you want to find some fun facts about these brands then scroll, but first…


Expensive Cars That Start with J


Top 10 Expensive Cars That Start With the Letter J:

#10 Josse Car Indigo 3000


Price: $70,000

#9 Jeep Gladiator Hennessey Maximus


Price: $230,000

#8 Jensen CV8


Price: $280,000

#7 Jaguar XJR-15


Price: $350,000

#6 Jaguar XJ220


Price: $480,000

#5 Jaguar LeMans D-Type Coupe Special Michelotti


Price: $800,000

#4 Jaguar Costin Roadster


Price: $1,100,000

#3 Jimenez Novia


Price: $1,500,000

#2 Jiotto Caspita


Price: $2,000,000

#1 Jaguar XK-SS


Price: $2,000,000



If you think that these were cool wait until you see these sports cars below…


Sports Cars That Start with J


Top Sports Cars That Start With the Letter J based on Engine Power:

#10 Josse Car Indigo 3000


Year: 1998

Power Output: 204 hp

#9 Javan R1


Year: 2007

Power Output: 220 bhp

#8 Jetstream SC250 Roadster


Year: 2008

Power Output: 250 bph

#7 Jaguar XFR (X260)


Year: 2015

Power Output: 296 hp

#6 Jensen S V8


Year: 2001

Power Output: 325 bhp

#5 Juno Racing SS3 V6


Year: 2007

Power Output: 395 bhp

#4 Joss JP1


Year: 2004

Power Output: 500 bhp

#3 Juliani Veela


Year: 2011

Power Output: 520 hp

#2 Jaguar XJ220 Jaguar-XJ220-sports-cars

Year: 1992

Power Output: 542 hp

#1 Jiotto Caspita


Year: 1989

Power Output: 577 hp



Next up are the Muscle Cars you have to watch the list below…


Muscle Cars That Start with J


There’s Only One Muscle Car That Start With The Letter J:

John Goss Special


Year: 1975
Power Output: 248 bhp


What You Need To Know About Car Brands That Start with J

JAC Motors


JAC Motors was founded in 1964 and it’s based in Hefei, Anhui, China. It’s a state-owned vehicle company and they focus on commercial vehicles.




Jaguar was founded in 1922 by William Lyons and William Walmsley; they are located in Whitley, Coventry, United Kingdom. Currently it’s owned by Tata Motors who have purchased it from Ford in 1998. They focus on luxury vehicles.




Jawa was founded in 1929 by František Janeček and they are based in Týnec nad Sázavou, Czech Republic. The name came from the merger of two owners name Janecek and Wanderer. They mainly focused on motorcycles but there were limited cars produced in 1934 and 1937. Now they are still making motorcycles.


JBA Motors


JBA Motors was founded in 1982 and it’s based in the UK. They focus on creating luxury cars.




Jeep was founded in 1941 in Toledo, Ohio, United States. The Jeep became famous when it served during the Second World War. After many sales and mergers now it’s in the hand of Fiat Chrysler Corporation.




Jensen was founded in 1934 by Richard, Alan Jensen it was based in West Bromwich, England, United Kingdom. They were in operation from 1394 until 1976. They have focused on creating sports cars and commercial vehicles.




Jetta was founded in 2019 and it’s based in Changchun, Jilin, China. Jetta came to life with the collaboration of Volkswagen and FAW Group and it serves Chinese buyers.


Jiangling (JMC)


Jiangling (JMC) was founded in 1968 and it’s based in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China. They focus on creating passenger and commercial vehicles with the help of joint ventures like Ford.


Cars That Start with J – Cars Beginning with J



  •     J1 – Chery
  •     J10 – Jeep
  •     J11 – Chery
  •     J20 – Jeep
  •     J3 – Chery
  •     Jackaroo – Holden
  •     Jackaroo – HSV
  •     Jalpa – Lamborghini
  •     Jarama – Lamboghini
  •     Javelin – Rambler
  •     Jazz – Honda
  •     Jetta – Volkswagen
  •     Jimny – Suzuki
  •     Journey – dodge
  •     Juke – Nissan
  •     Jumbuck – Proton


Conclusions on all the Cars That Start with J Hot List

We have reached the end of this list.Was that cool or what?

As promised there was a cool list of cars that are Expensive and there was even a muscle car and we shouldn’t forget the Sports cars list.

Just in case you want to see others then check out the links above to access different letters.

Maybe you can help me out with something. Can you please share why this post was useful on social media? It would help me out a lot thank you.

Roger and Out!


Frequently Asked Questions:

What car begins with the letter J?

The most popular car brands that start with the letter J:

  • Jaguar
  • Jeep
  • Jensen
  • JMC
  • Jetta

What are all the car brands?

You can check out all the car brands by following this link.

What are all the JDM car brands?

JDM (Japan Domestic Cars) are as follows:

  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Nissan
  • Mazda
  • Lexus
  • Mitsubishi

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