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Welcome to the Cars That Start with I Hot List!

Afters spending the last few weeks in full research mode by studying encyclopedias, watching the history channel, reading old newspapers and accidentally stumbling through my dad’s old car magazines (with a few not so safe for work mags) I’m ready to show you which are the cars and brands with the letter I.


I’ll spare you the boring tedious info and only what’s worth is listed below. Now if you scroll a bit you will be in for a treat or two.  I’ve made a list of Expensive cars and Sports cars with the I initials. You will be surprised how much these cars go for.

Enjoy and check out the pictures (NOT THOSE! it’s not one of those blogs).

Let me see them already!



Car Brands That Start with I



If you want to find some fun facts about these brands then scroll, but first…


Expensive Cars That Start with I


Top 8 Expensive Cars That Start With the Letter I:

#8 IFR Aspid Super Sport


Pricbe: $140,000

#7 Isdera Imperator 108i


Price: $200,000

#6 Innotech Aspiron RSC 800


Price: $330,000

#5 Invicta S1-600


Price: $350,000

#4 Iso Rivolta GTZ


Price: $1,000,000

#3 Isdera Erator GTE


Price: $2,000,000

#2 Icona Vulcano Titanium


Price: $2,500,000

#1 Icona Vulcano Н-Turismo


Price: $2,700,000



If you think that these were cool wait until you see these sports cars below…


Sports Cars That Start with I


Top Sports Cars That Start With the Letter I based on Engine Power:

#7 Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe


Year: 2003

Power Output: 298 bhp


#6 Invicta S1


Year: 2002

Power Output: 320 bhp

#5 Infiniti G37 Sport Coupe


Year: 2007

Power Output: 330 bhp

#4 Infiniti IPL G Coupe


Year: 2011

Power Output: 348 bhp

#3 Innotech Mysterro


Year: 2000

Power Output: 350 bhp

#2 IFR Automotive Aspid


Year: 2008

Power Output: 400 bhp

#1 ICONIC Motors AC Roadster


Year: 2010

Power Output: 825 hp


What You Need To Know About Car Brands That Start with I

IC Bus


IC Bus was founded in 2002 in Lisle, Illinois, United States. Navistar International owns IC bus. And they focus on creating busses (yellow school buses) and commercial shuttle type buses for the US and Canada.


International Harvester


International Harvester was founded in 1902 by Cyrus Hall McCormick and it was based in Lisle, Illinois, U.S. It came into existence when J.P. Morgan merged McCormick Harvesting Machine Company and Deering Harvester Company, with 3 other similar companies. In 1986 it was renamed Navistar International Corporation. It focuses on creating agricultural equipment and vehicles.


Iran Khodro


Iran Khodro was founded in 1962 by the Khayami family and it’s based in Tehran, Iran. It’s a multinational automaker that creates passenger vehicles, trucks, buses and mini-buses.




Infiniti was founded in 1989 by Bill Bruce and it’s based in Hopewell Centre, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Infinity is the luxury branch of Nissan. Nissan followed the same path as Toyota and Honda to establish a standalone luxury line.




Innocenti was founded in 1947 by Daniel Mastretta and was based in Milan, Italy. During its operations between 1947 and 1997 it produced scooters and automobiles. In 1991 it was bought by Fiat and retired in 1997.




Intermeccanica was founded in 1959 by Frank Reisner in Torino Italy. They were operational between 1959 and 1974. Currently they moved to Canada and it’s run by Henry Reisner. They focus on building hand-made roadsters.


International Trucks


International Trucks was founded in 1902 and it creates medium-duty, heavy-duty and severe-duty trucks. It’s owned by Navistar International.




Irizar was founded in 1889 and it’s based in Ormaiztegi, Spain. They focus on building luxury coach vehicle bodies.




Isdera was founded in 1969 by Eberhard Schulz and it’s based in Hildesheim, Germany. They focus on creating sports cars.




Iso was founded in 1953 by Renzo Rivolta and it was based in Bresso, Italy. The company was operational between 1953 and 1974. They focused on creating the compact bubble car named Isetta.




Isuzu was founded in 1934 by Armand Isuzu and it’s based in Tokyo, Japan. They focus on creating trucks and buses plus they work on diesel engines.




Iveco was founded in 1975 in Turin, Italy and it’s owned by CNH Industrial. They focus on creating light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles.


Cars That Start with I – Cars Beginning with I



  •     I Series – BMW
  •     I-Miev – Mitsubishi
  •     I-Pace – Jaguar
  •     i20 – Hyundai
  •     I3 – BMW
  •     i30 – Hyundai
  •     i40 – Hyundai
  •     i45 – Hyundai
  •     I8 – BMW
  •     Ibiza – Seat
  •     ID – Citroen
  •     ID.3 – Volkswagen
  •     ID.4 – Volkswagen
  •     Ignis – Suzuki
  •     iLoad – Hyundai
  •     iMax – Hyundai
  •     IMP – Hillman
  •     Impala – Chevrolet
  •     Impreza – Subaru
  •     Indy – Maserati
  •     Infiniti – Nissan
  •     Insight – Honda
  •     Insignia – Holden
  •     Insignia – Opel
  •     Integra- Honda
  •     Interceptor – Jensen
  •     Ioniq – Hyundai
  •     IS – Lexus
  •     IS F – Lexus
  •     IS200 – Lexus
  •     IS200T – Lexus
  •     IS250 – Lexus
  •     IS250C – Lexus
  •     IS300 – Lexus
  •     IS300H – Lexus
  •     IS350 – Lexus
  •     Isabella – Borgward
  •     Islero – Lamborghini
  •     Isuzu – Holden
  •     iX35 – Hyundai


Conclusions on all the Cars That Start with I Hot List

We have reached the end of this list. So what do you think? How many years would it take to buy one of these cars?

I had a blast organizing these lists and I hope you have founded entertaining. Now it’s not over just yet. There are other letters of the alphabet and you might find other expensive cars just click one of the links above.

Maybe you can help me out with something. Can you please share why this post was useful on social media? It would help me out a lot thank you.

Roger and Out!


Frequently Asked Questions:

What are all the car brands?

You can check out all the car brands by following this link.

Which are the car brands starting with i?

There are several car brands that start with the letter “I”, including Infiniti, Isuzu, and Iveco. Infiniti is a luxury car brand owned by Nissan and known for its stylish and high-performance vehicles. Isuzu is a Japanese automaker that produces a wide range of trucks, buses, and SUVs. Iveco is an Italian company that makes commercial vehicles, including trucks and buses. These are just a few examples of car brands that start with the letter “I”.

Which are some luxury cars that start with I?

The luxury car brand that starts with the letter “I” is Infiniti. Infiniti is a division of the Japanese automaker Nissan and is known for its high-performance and stylish vehicles. Some popular Infiniti models include the Q50 sedan, the QX60 crossover, and the QX80 SUV. Infiniti cars are known for their advanced technology and luxury features, such as leather upholstery, premium audio systems, and advanced safety systems. Infiniti is also known for its powerful engines and sporty handling, making it a popular choice among luxury car buyers.



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