Car Stereo Cuts Out When Volume Is Turned Up

There is more than one reason why your stereo might give up on you when you are in the zone and turn the volume up really high. Understanding the problem is how you know how to solve it. So, here’s a look at why your car stereo cuts out when volume is turned up.

1.     Too Many Output Connections

One of the most common reasons why your car’s speakers cut out at high volume is because it has too many connections for an output. This happens because the stereo is capable of powering only a certain number of speakers.

For instance, if it can handle only two speakers and you connect four, changing the wires to connect the speakers is not going to do the trick.

The solution to this problem is to get an amplifier that can power your system better and also has a better grounding unit to keep the power exchange balanced.

When you use a heavy-duty version, you will also increase the bass levels of your output which will enhance your listening experience. By the way, if you are in an older car, you might face this problem in the form of more gas consumption.

2.   Damaged Wiring

If this particular problem of car speakers cutting in and out is fairly new, you might be dealing with a problem in the wiring. This means that the wiring is getting old or that your car has recently been around rough terrain and the wires might have gotten jolted during the ride.

It might have caused the wires to get rubbed the wrong way or stretched in a way they shouldn’t have. The result is a damaged wiring situation that calls the speakers to cut in and out.

You must also consider the immediate environment of the car. This means you must be aware of the salt content in the atmosphere of the place where you live.

So, if you live along the sea, it is likely for your car to experience more rust and corrosion. So, you will need to do maintenance exercises more often.

You must also make sure that the stereo is sealed properly so that the gaps don’t interfere with the functioning of the wire. This is a good way to avoid corrosion that occurs organically.

This way, you can delay the inevitable damage to a certain extent. For the same purposes, you can also use a rust sealant to minimize the damage. However, it will not save the wires forever and they will have to be cleaned regularly and replaced eventually.

3.   Incorrect Wires Gauges

If the speaker of your car is going in and out, it might be because there is a problem with the connections of your gauge wires. You must make sure that the gauge wires are of the right size and are connected as per the instruction manual. This will ensure that the power supply to the stereo is consistent and the speakers don’t cut in and out.

The stereo might not get enough power if the gauge wires are not big enough. The same logic is applicable to the size of the stereo in which case the speaker cuts out at high volume.

Unsurprisingly, the same tends to happen if you don’t install the gauge wires properly. So, you will end up having connectivity issues that will particularly be a problem when you are on bad terrain.

In those cases, the audio will get cut out or the stereo will get kicked out, which will damage the wires even more. In such cases, you need to check the ground wires and tighten them. You must also make sure they are put back where they belong and some reinforcements must be brought in.

How to Fix Speakers Cutting Out at High Volume?

Now that you know why your speakers cut out at high volume in the car, you are ready for some solutions.

1.     Check the Audio Source

The first thing you must do when you are looking at a malfunctioning audio system is to look at the grounding. That is typically the root cause of these problems. You might have to look at different parts of the car while trying to discover it. So, be patient.

You might want to start by checking the wiring of the speakers. They are connected to the head unit and the symptoms of bad wiring of the speakers look a lot like the symptoms of a malfunctioning head unit. So, you might want to be careful and specific with the diagnosis.

For example, if there is a break in the wiring of your door speakers, you won’t get any sound at all. But if it is not entirely a break, you might be able to hear the sound if you open and close the door again.

So, wiring in the car door is important in terms of sound output and you need to keep an eye out for crimped wires. You can also tap the inside part of the door to see if the sound comes back. If it does, even in bits and parts, you are looking at a crimped or loose wire.

If there is no sound coming at all, then you have to do a deeper dive into the roots of the problem and that’s for another day.

2.   Check the Signals to the Speaker

You might also observe a little static or distortion from the output of a speaker sometimes. In that case, you will have to check and see if the problem is with the speakers.

It might be happening because your speaker is completely blown or the connections to it are not done properly. If you ignore it, you might be in for a short circuit.

When this happens, the amplifier or stereo usually detects an increase in the resistance factor, which means they cannot power the speaker properly.

This is because the signal has to go someplace else apart from the speaker, which causes the problem in your output. It just means you have to check the connections that send the input signal to the speaker.

3.   Make Sure the System Is Not Overpowered

Another reason why your stereo is cutting out could be if the amplifier has an RMS rating that is higher than what the speakers can handle. Now, if the car’s battery and wiring are not at fault, you must make sure that the amplifier matches the speaker’s power.


Q: Why Is My Audio Cutting in and Out?

A: You probably have a wiring problem or too many output connections.

Q: What Would Cause Speakers to Cut Out?

A: If the wiring is unclean or crimped, you might experience cutting in and out of the sound. The wires should also be connected securely so that the signals are sent and received without interruption.

Q: How Do I Update My Sound Drivers?

A: Device Manager > Sound, video, game controllers > Sound Car (right click) > Properties > Driver (tab) > Update Driver

Parting Thoughts

Now that you know why your car speaker cuts in and out, you must start by checking the amp specs. Then you must see if the stereo and its output wires are connected the way they should be.

Following that, you must make sure the condition of the wires itself is all right. One of these things is the culprit and you can solve the problem quite easily once you recognize it.

Last Updated on December 5, 2021 by Danny Reid