The Most Common Child Car Seat Questions Answered


Do you have questions? I have the answers.

Here are the most common questions that I’ve got regarding car seats. So I thought it will be a great idea to gather all the most common issues and have them answered in a single post.

No matter if you have issues with the installation or  cleaning you will find the best answers below.

I have three kids. So I had my fair share of problems which needed quick solutions. I will share everything that I know.

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Most Common Child Car Seat Issues:


Can you put a car seat in the front seat?

It depends on your states law. Depending on the car seat’s type (which stage it is), but in most cases the infant and carrier car seats can be in the front seat. For a more detailed answer check out my original post: Can You Put A Car Seat in The Front Seat.

Can you take a car seat on a plane?

In most cases yes you can take a car seat on a plane although it has to be FAA approved. To read more check out this article titled: Can You Take a Car Seat on a Plane.

Do car seats need to be replaced after an accident?

Yes, all car seats need to be replaced after an accident because the safety features might get compromised. You can read the entire article Do car seats need to be replaced after an accident for a more detailed answer.

Do I need a car seat in Taxi?

In most cases yes you need a car seat in taxis. Although this depends on the state’s car seat laws. I have written in depth about do i need a car seat in taxi on this post right here.

When does a car seat base expire?

Typically the car seat base expires within a few years. You need to look for the stamp on the base and you will find the expiration date. Check out this post When does a car seat base expire if you need additional help plus I’ve pictures included as well.

How to loosen car seat straps on Graco?

Ah yes those pesky Graco car seat straps. They are not that easy to loosen. However I’ve documented with pictures exactly on how to loosen car seat straps on Graco check it out if you need help.

Why are car seats rear facing?

Car seats are rear facing because that’s the safest way for kids to ride. If you want to find out the science then check out my original post called why are car seats rear facing and you will know exactly why.

What type of car seats exist?

The car seat types are made for different age groups called stages. The short answer would be infant, convertible and booster. If you want to get the long answer then read it here at what type of car seats exist.

How to clean Car seat straps?

Oh yes it happened to me last week when my daughter has thrown up and managed to hit the car seat straps perfectly. The best solution would be warm soapy water so the fabric is not damaged. For more details with tricks and tips check out my entire post How to clean car seat straps.

How to keep baby warm in car seat?

There’s a good way and there’s a bad way to keep a baby warm during winter. The best way is to preheat the car and place your baby in the car seat and if it’s needed put a blanket over them. If you want to know what’s the bad way or other options check out my full length article at how to keep baby warm in car seat.

Which is the best infant car seat?

The best infant car seat is the Britax B-safer Gen 2. Maybe you want to see the top 3 picks then check it out at the best infant car seat post. I’ve included pros and cons with recommendations.

Which is the best car seat?

The best car seat is the Britax One4Life seat. You can check out the pros/cons and recommendations at the best car seat plus my top 3 picks and runner ups.

What are the Virginia car seat laws?

It would be difficult to give a one sentence answer. So if you want to find out the entire Virginia car seat laws in simple language then check out my original post.

Did you create a Chicco Fit 2 Review?

Yes, I’ve tried and tested it and you can read it here Chicco Fit2 Review, Enjoy!


Conclusions on Child Car Seat Troubleshooting

As promised I’ve gathered all the most common and important child car seat related questions and answered them.

Just in case I’ve missed one let me know and I will include it.