Can You Take a Car Seat on a Plane? Details Guide in 2024

Yes, you can bring a car seat on a plane, however, there are a few exceptions…

Traveling with kids can be a big adventure. It’s important to know the rules about car seats on planes.

The Basics of Airplane Travel with a Car Seat

Many parents ask, “Can I bring a car seat on a plane?” The answer is yes, you can!

But, there are some things you need to check first:

  • The car seat must have a sticker that says it is FAA-approved.
  • The car seat should fit in the airplane seat.
  • You must follow the airline’s rules for car seats.

Why Use a Car Seat on a Plane?

Using a car seat on a plane is smart for many reasons:

  1. Safety: It keeps your child safe during takeoff, landing, and turbulence.
  2. Comfort: It helps your child sleep better and stay comfy on long flights.
  3. Familiarity: It can make your child feel secure in a new place.
Car Seat on a Plane?
Car Seat on a Plane

Car Seat Rules by Popular Airlines

Each airline has its own rules. Here’s a table to help you:

AirlineCar Seat AllowedNotes
American AirlinesYesMust have a label that shows it is FAA-approved.
Delta AirlinesYesCan’t block the aisle or other passenger’s exit.
United AirlinesYesNeeds to fit in the seat with the armrests down.
Southwest AirlinesYesCan use if the child has a ticketed seat.

Always check with your airline before you fly. They can have special rules.

How to Install a Car Seat on a Plane

Putting in a car seat on a plane is a bit like in a car. But, there are a few extra steps:

  1. Make sure the car seat is FAA-approved.
  2. Place the car seat in a window seat if you can.
  3. Use the airplane seat belt to lock the car seat in place.
  4. Follow the car seat’s manual for the best fit.
  5. Ask a flight attendant for help if you need it.


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Tips for Traveling with a Car Seat

To make flying with a car seat easier, try these tips:

  • Check in early to make sure you have time to install the car seat.
  • Bring a car seat travel bag to keep it clean.
  • Use a car seat stroller or cart to move it around the airport.
  • Practice installing the car seat in a chair at home to save time on the plane.
  • Pick less busy flights so you have more space.

Final Thoughts

You can take a car seat on a plane for your child’s safety and comfort. Remember to check the airline’s rules. Practice installing the car seat before your flight. Safe travels!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Carry A Car Seat On An Airplane?

Yes, car seats are typically permitted on airplanes, but airline policies vary, so check ahead.

Is A Car Seat Free To Check In?

Most airlines allow you to check a car seat at no extra charge.

Do Car Seats Count As Carry-on Luggage?

Car seats generally do not count as carry-on luggage; they are checked separately.

How To Install A Car Seat On A Plane Seat?

Always follow the car seat’s manual and use the airplane’s seatbelt to secure it.

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