Top 3 Best Sub and Amp Combo

The Best Sub and Amp Combo for Your Car


Best Sub & Amp ComboTo avoid the guesswork go with a proven system…

Having a solid car music system is a must have. No matter your background top notch sound quality is essential.

Maybe you’re a music fan, or maybe you like to listen to podcats while driving and nothing ruins a it than a crappy sound system. To avoid it you need a subwoofer.


Subwoofers are way harder to install than regular speakers. Not to mention you have to pair it with a compatible amp. I’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

This is the reason why I’ve created the best sub and amp combos post. There’s no guesswork involved it is as plug and play as possible.

After all, the car is where you unwind after a stressful day at work, have fun with carpool friends, or maybe rock on road trips. No matter the reason, a car sound system is not complete without a subwoofer.

The Best Sub and Amp Combo in 2021

As far as subwoofers go you can choose a powered one or a real subwoofer with an external amplifier. Matching the right sub with the best amp is hard.

This is why it’s a great idea to go with a combo option especially if you’re starting out.

Down below, I’ve put together my top 3 best subwoofer & amplifier kits. There is one that it one size fits all and gives a flare to your songs. The other two will give you a lot more than thump…

Let’s check them out.

#1. MTX Audio TNP212D2 Terminator Power Pack Subwoofer System


MTX Audio TNP212D2 Terminator Power Pack Subwoofer System - Set of 2MTX is a big gun that’s been in the bass game for over 40 years, and its Audio TNP212D2 Subwoofer System doesn’t disappoint. Don’t let the compact nature of the amp fool you.

The max power is set to 1200 Watts. So, if you’re planning to power two power-heavy subs, this is your best bet.

Which is exactly what MTX wants you to do. This powerful amplifier is paired with a dual 12-inch subwoofer kit. This should be more than enough for most people and on full volume, heads will turn when you come driving with this combo in the back of the car.

What I absolutely love about this combo is the low and high-level crossover features. You’ll love it too because it ensures high fidelity, high precision sound reproduction. The bass knob also comes in handy.

Perhaps the only downside noted by the users is that the coils may experience freezing. Otherwise, it’s one of the best subwoofer amplifier combo systems you can get on the market.

  • It’s loud enough for the investment
  • The Bass is great: it’s crisp and loud
  • High quality box build which will protect the interior
  • The system needs to be retuned for the best sound
  • This combo is better suited for Club than R&B

#2. Belva 1200 Watt Complete Subwoofer Package


Belva 1200 watt Complete Subwoofer Package Includes Two (2) 12-inch Subwoofers in Ported Box, Monoblock Amplifier, Amp Wire Kit [BPKG212v2]Top 3 Best Sub and Amp Combo 1
The Belva BPKG110v2 is perfect for beginners and newer audiophiles who are on a budget. It consists of a 10-inch subwoofer that is powered by a 500W amplifier.

Right out of the box, you’ll find the famous Belva BB200ABV2 Amp, a 10-inch subwoofer that comes preloaded, and a beautiful enclosure with a port perfectly tuned to deliver the biggest boom. To top it off, you’ll also receive an entire eight-piece AWG kit for wiring.

Let’s look at its pros. This hulk of an all-in-one sub from Belva is one of the best options for new audiophiles out there looking for more bass power. This beast boasts of a lightweight PP cone that delivers incredible sound quality, especially low-mid notes. The 10-inch subwoofer is something of a beauty, giving off more bass for every watt input.

What’re the cons? Obviously, the amplifier maxes out at 500 watts. That is a bit low, to be honest, and if you are used to more, this combo will feel like it’s missing something. But it can be good as your first subwoofer combo.

Unless you fancy ear-tearing bass, the 500-watt amp/subwoofer combo should be dead right on the money for you. I found it lightweight, powerful, and the sound quality is great. A great subwoofer & amplifier combo for a good price.

  • Sounds like an expensive sound system
  • It has a deep clean bass just what you need
  • Affordable price without sounding cheap
  • Well built box for protection
  • To get the max out you need a great head unit with EQ
  • The amp is under powered in the future you might need to upgrade


#3. DS18 BP210 Subwoofer System Combo


DS18 BP210 1200W Complete Bass Package with Two 10" Subs, Monoblock Amplifier & Full Installation KitTop 3 Best Sub and Amp Combo 2

Bass on a budget…

DS18 BP210 Subwoofer System Combo is the only thing you’ll need if you’re looking to get a cost-effective 10-inch sub car music system upgrade that’s amazing. It’s a complete bass package, including the dual 10-inch subwoofer and a 1200W mono amplifier that powered this beast.

This combo is great if you can’t fit the dual 12-inch subwoofer from MTX or if you simply don’t need that power. However, these dual 10-inch will not be gentle against your car either and if you are looking to impress your friends, this subwoofer will still be able to do that.

The combo is easy to install and even if you have never done it before, it shouldn’t be any problems, as it comes with everything you need. The only thing with this combo kit in the amplifier. It gets very hot and you should not place it behind something, it needs fresh air.

Wrapping up, the durable, top-notch quality BP210 Subwoofer System Combo is a testimony that you do not have to spend big bucks to get high-end sound bass quality. This is hands down one of the best subwoofer amplifier combos for budget buyers out there.

  • There’s no engine noise like with cheaper combos
  • The box is sturdy and the sound is well projected
  • Not much space required
  • Super easy to install in 30 minutes or less
  • The subs are only 10″
  • It’s not that powerful in the future a better amp might be required

The Benefits of Buying a Subwoofer & Amplifier Combo Package

There are plenty of perks that come with installing a subwoofer & amplifier combo in your car. The first, and perhaps the most important is that the subwoofer & amplifier combo takes out the guesswork when it comes to pairing a subwoofer with an amplifier. In these packages, there is also enclosure included which is another thing you don’t need to worry about anymore.

Since the system has already been configured for you, you simply need to find some space in your car and then mount it. If you don’t get a full package like this, you need to find an enclosure that fits the subwoofer as well as an amplifier with the correct wattage. Many times, a package like this is also cheaper than buying the parts each by themselves.

Why You Need an Amplifier

The subwoofer is designed to help your car music system get a better handle on low-level audio profiles, especially bass sounds. However, the head unit (receiver) cannot deliver enough juice to satisfy your power-hungry subwoofer.

That’s where a powerful amplifier comes into play. A dedicated amplifier supplies the extra power needed by the subwoofer to boost bass sounds. Getting a subwoofer but not an amplifier is like trying to surf the web without an internet connection, it’s not working.

Why is these kits better than a powered subwoofer?

Subwoofer & Amplifier Combo Vs Powered Subwoofers

Some subwoofers have the amplifier built-in and this is called a powered subwoofer. This type of subwoofer can be good to get if you have very limited space in your car and don’t think that you have space for an external amplifier.

The downside with them is that the amplifier is usually not as powerful as an external amplifier. Sure, it will do its job but if you are really looking for that oomph that a subwoofer can give, a powered subwoofer is not the way to go.

If you want to learn more or find the best powered subwoofers, click here.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What’s the best subwoofer and amp combo?

By far the best subwoofer and amp combo is the MTX Audio TNP212D2 Terminator Power Pack Subwoofer System. Through the years it has prove itself to be the most reliable and the best from all the car subwoofer brands.

What are the best amps for subs?

The best amps for subs are typically sold in a combo package. So make sure you pick the right amp for the sub s. For example if you have a rockford fosgate sub it’s a good idea to check out what kind of rockford fosgate amps are available. They don’t tolerate different brands all that well.

Does it matter what amp I get for my subs?

The get the best car audio quality you need to get the best powered amp. The more power you can deliver to your head unit the better it will perform. The high quality is achieved at peak power. Typically you’re looking at mono amps (mono amp) or 2-channel amp.

What do I need for the best car audio quality?

For the best car audio quality, you will need a decent head unit or car stereo. The car speakers are a must as well. Forget about stock because they can’t deliver what you’re looking for. When it comes to the car subwoofer you can choose the 10 inch subwoofers or the 12 inch subwoofers.

Which competitor didn’t make it on the Best Subwoofer and amp Combo list?

There are many that could have been included on the best sub and amplifier combo list. Here’s a short one which didn’t make it: mtx audio, jl audio, kenwood ksc. The kenwood ksc was dropped on the very last second for something much better.

What kind of technical details should I check with car subwoofers?

With car subwoofers, you have to always check the: peak power, voice coil (voice coils), power ratings,  power handling,  rms power,  rms rating, frequency range and the wiring options. Some car subwoofers offer bass level control (bass boost and bass sound). A car subwoofer can be considered as passive subwoofers if it’s the right one like type r subs. Other stuff to check are rubber surround polypropylene cone, dual voice, ported box, sound pressure level, cooling system, compression terminals.

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