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Welcome to the Best Amp for Highs and Mids Award Show!


After having spent the last 18 days in my garage installing amps, tinkering, heat shrinking, adjusting gains, and fine-tuning while forgetting about our anniversary (come one, honey, this is not funny anymore, sleeping in the garage is uncomfortable…), I’m ready to reveal the best amplifiers that deliver the most flawless mids and highs.


Finding the perfect amp for the mids and highs comes down to two things: your current system and your budget. As soon as you have determined these, it will be easy to find the right match.

I’ve been installing car audio equipment for more than 20 years. It started out as a hobby, and now it’s a full-blown passion (obsession, according to my wife). I’ve done it all, and I thought it would be a great idea to share my experience and make your choice as easy as possible.

I’m ranking the top 3 best amplifiers for mids and highs based on power, clarity, sound quality, ease of installation, and value for the money.

Frankly, if you pick an amp from the list below, it’s a guaranteed winner. I’ve eliminated that was a dud or a lemon. There are only champions right here.

Now, let’s see those amps already!

In a Hurry? Here Are the Top 3 Amps for Highs and Mids

For music lovers who want to bring their speakers alive and enjoy fantastic sound.

For people who want an amp that delivers the cleanest best power for the highs and mids and potentially rocks the hell out of the ride.

For sound enthusiasts who want some clean power to make the speakers sing without blowing their rent money.

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#1 Polk Audio PA D5000.5 – The Best Amp for Highs and Mids Overall

Polk Audio PA D5000.5 – The Best Amp for Highs and Mids OverallWe have a WINNER!

Who else wants that crystal clear sound quality in the mids and highs while rocking the hell out of the vehicle without taking out a second mortgage?

This is what the Polk amplifier has to offer. It flats out rocks while packing a punch, and there’s no distortion whatsoever. Best of all, the headlights won’t dim when that old faithful thump hits.

The Polk amplifier has five channels and is Class D, which means that you just need this one amp, not two. Plus, it’s super-efficient.

Power Specs:

  • 70 watts RMS x 4 + 200 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms
  • 100 watts RMS x 4 + 400 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms
  • 200 watts RMS x 2 in bridged mode at 4 ohms + 500 watts RMS x 1 at 1 ohm

I love when I get perks. For instance, this amp offers remote gain, which other brands ask money for. The installation is easy, and since it’s a small unit, you have multiple options where to mount it.

From my experience, Polk makes the best amps for the price. They offer great value at an affordable investment. And it is indeed an investment because you will be enjoying it for many years to come.

Here is why it’s top of my list:

  • The Ultimate Amp: This is the best choice if you want crystal clear highs and mids period. Amazing sound quality packed up into one small box
  • Makes the Ears Bleed: This amp delivers so much power that I couldn’t handle it, so I had to turn it down. I really felt that something would give and my ears would get permanent damage on high sound levels
  • Top-down Cars Approved: You can enjoy the freedom and the breeze and still listen to your favorite songs as loud as you want to. Yes, it’s this powerful, and it works

A few drawbacks to consider:

Don’t get me wrong, I love this Polk amplifier and everything. The only thing I’m missing is a bit more juice for the subchannel. More juice, more thump!

I had some difficulties with the sub-control knob. It’s not that accurate, and I like to hit those lows perfectly with my favorite songs.

If you want something cheaper, then check out #2 on my list.

  • The perfect option for amazing sounding highs and mids
  • A killer amp that easily replaces two inferior ones
  • The best way to rock the hell out of a truck
  • More power for the sub would’ve been nice
  • The bass knob is not that accurate


#2 Rockford Fosgate P300X2 – Best 2 Channel Amp for Mids and Highs

Rockford Fosgate P300X2 - Best 2 Channel Amp for Mids and Highs

This Rockford Fosgate amplifier delivers the exact sound you’ve been looking for. I mean, it turns a regular vehicle into a rolling concert hall.

I can’t believe that there are no distortions, and it goes loud. Believe me, I have folded and turned the volume down because I couldn’t take it. With it, you’re getting a two-channel Class A/B amplifier.

Power Specs:

  • RMS Power Output: 100 Watts x 2 @ 4-Ohm
  • RMS Power Output: 150 Watts x 2 @ 2-Ohm
  • RMS Power Output 300 Watts x 1 @ 4-Ohm Bridged

Since it’s Class A/B, you know that the sound quality will be perfect, so the speakers will shine in the highs and mids (mids and highs). The accuracy is spot on. You won’t miss a signal note from a song.

After installing it, you’re only getting music — no static, no distractions. Bad to the bone and brings the speakers to life. Best of all, it’s underrated, so you can crank more power than advertised.

Here’s why it’s a must-buy:

  • Rolling Concert Hall: No matter what kind of vehicle you have after installing it, you will be riding in style with amazing SQ
  • Too Loud: I hate to say this, but I had to turn it down because the volume was just too much for me. It wasn’t the neighbors complaining; it was me throwing in the towel
  • Mids and Highs are a Dream: The sound quality is pristinely clean. For a Class D amp, it’s very accurate, and I can’t go wrong with it.

Here are a few drawbacks:

Rockford, come on… You can do better than this. Where’s the subsonic filter? Typically, amps that are in this range have it included.

A few people also mentioned that this amp runs hot. Here’s my pro-tip on how to handle it. Switch from 4 ohms to 2, and maybe add a cooling fan or two.

If you want value and don’t want to take out a second mortgage, this amp is the perfect fit for your needs. It has a few drawbacks, but all amplifiers have them. Also, these are not real deal-breakers.

You need to move fast if you want to listen to some clear and beautiful music because there are only a few left in stock. Once they are gone, it takes weeks for the next shipment to arrive. So, grab one now before someone else does!

  • It delivers chest-pounding bass
  • You’re getting the exact sound you have been looking for
  • It is a solid choice for getting more power out than it’s advertised
  • A few people complained about it running hot
  • It doesn’t come with a subsonic filter


#3 MTX Audio THUNDER75.4 – Best 4 Channel Amp for Mids and Highs

MTX Audio THUNDER75.4 – Best 4 Channel Amp for Mids and HighsCan it get better than this?

I mean, the highs and mids are pitch-perfect, the installation is a breeze thanks to the screw compression connectors, all of this at a very affordable price.

I hope you MTX Audio doesn’t realize that they have underpriced their amp because once they do, they might increase the price.

This is a 4 channel amp Class A/B. You will be able to run 2-6 speakers with ease. Also, the Class A/B amps create the cleanest and most beautiful sound.

Power Specs:

  • 75W x 4 Channel at 4 Ohms
  • 100W x 4 Channel at 2 Ohms
  • 175W x 2 Channel Bridged 4 Ohms

Brace yourself, this amp is loud. I gave up at the 30% volume mark, I couldn’t take any more than this. Now, if you like to tweak things to get the absolute max, this amp lets you do that. The front and rear channels can be adjusted separately. For perfectionists, this is a godsend.

If you want to, you can be the ghetto blaster at any party. The power output is simply insane.

Here’s why it’s a must-buy:

  • Thumper System on a Budget: This amp has everything you will ever need from power to looks and clarity. You won’t regret buying it
  • A Head Turner: People will hear you coming from a distance and will want to check out your system. It’s perfect for impressing music fans
  • You might need to charge people for the concert pass: Once installed, it will bring your speakers to life and produce a concert feeling in your vehicle. Why not charge people for the privilege?

Here are a few drawbacks:

Since it’s a Class A/B amp, it means it’s bigger than its Class D counterpart. So, you might have fewer mounting options. Also, if you live in a hotter area, cooling fans are an absolute must.

The blue LED light is cool until it gets dark. Depending on where you mount it, you have to factor in the distraction it might produce.

Yes, this MTX amp has a few minor flaws. But if you look at the big picture, you will see that they’re all worth it. I mean, the power you’re getting is insane. It will rock the world around you.

This amplifier is quite popular among sound enthusiasts, so you shouldn’t be surprised that the stocks are low. There’s only one thing to do: buying it right now. Once they are gone, you will have to wait a long time. So, buy it. It’s so worth it.

  • It is an affordable, powerful Thumper system
  • Great for bragging rights
  • It is the perfect amp if you value distortion, static, hiss-free music
  • It’s a Class A/B amp, so you will need cooling fans in hot areas
  • The blue LED light might be distracting for some


Buyer’s guide for an amp that delivers the best highs and mids (mids and highs)

You have seen my top list. These are the best of the best amps you can go with. Now there’s only one question remaining and that’s matching the amp to your current system.

This is why I’ve put together this small buying guide so you make the right choice. There are two important factors to consider when you’re buying an amp and I will detail both of them in a bit.

Let’s get to it.


What is an Amp?

The amplifier, amp for short is to increase the power that your speakers, tweeters and subwoofers are getting. The more power the better they sound. You see the standard car battery is not capable of delivering the required power for these speakers so an amp is needed.

The amplifier does a great job increasing the available power thus creating more sound. Typically when you install an amp your system will sound a lot better without investing or changing anything else.

Amplifiers come in all shapes and sizes plus classes. Let me share with you some key insights.

What to look for in a good class amplifier?

Since we’re talking about getting the clearest and richest highs and mids this is what you need to look for in a good amplifier.

Typically Class AB amps deliver the cleanest and best sound however they come with huge energy inefficiency. Where there’s inefficiency there’s heat created. So you most likely need to get some cooling into the mix.

Also Class D technology is rapidly evolving so sooner or later they will overtake Class AB plus they are super-efficient. After you got all this sorted out you need to match it with your system. To get the best out of your system you need to match the power output and the impedance.

By impedance I mean the ohm value.

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Amplifier Power Output

Typically there are two power outputs listed on all amps. There’s the max and the RMS. The first rule is to always ignore the max value because that’s highly exaggerated by most brands to sell more of their stuff.

The real number you should be looking at is the RMS one. The best fit is if you have your system’s RMS matched around 70-100%. Now if you have a bit more power that’s not a biggie because most speakers can handle that. If you’re underpowering them then you might fry your system. Keep in mind these rules.


What is a 2 channel amplifier?

The 2 channel amplifier as the name suggests has two channel outputs. These are most popular when the system is made out of two speakers or to subwoofers.

So for small systems this would be the best fit


What is a 4 channel amplifier (4 channel amp)?

4 Channel amplifiers (4 channel amp) are the most common ones for those who want to power 2-6 speakers. Typically these amps are very flexible so you can mix and match multiple options.

Typically if someone has 4 speakers and a subwoofer then they either go with a 5 channel amp or a 4 channel amp and a monoblock. In our case for the best mids and highs I’ve picked 4 channel amps because they work perfectly.


2 Channel Vs 4 Channel amplifier (4 channel amp)

The 2 channel and 4 channel amplifier (4 channel amp) in most cases rely on the same technology the only difference would be that the ladder one has more channels.

Which is the best comes down to your system. Quality-wise they are the same. If you have a small system than the 2 channel amp is the right fit and for bigger speakers as in multiple speakers for those the 4 channel amp one is the best fit.



These amps are coming in all shapes and sizes and mounting them isn’t hard only you have to think about two things like How big or heavy it is and if you want to showcase it or not.

If you have a small unit and fit under the seat then the install will be quick and painless. For larger units the only option would be the trunk. For tiny units there’s typically more than enough space in the glove compartment.

This would be my short buyer’s guide to pick the right amp for the best mids and lows. Now put it to good use.


Conclusions on the Amp for Mids and Highs

We have reached the end of this award ceremony. I had a blast playing around with these amps. I hope you had a blast reading through my reviews. I also hope that you have found the perfect fit already.

I’ve done my best to cover the market as much as possible. I’ve matched these amps to the most popular systems and I’ve also tried to match it with most budgets.

So no matter which one you pick it will be a winner. Now the bad news is that these amps are very popular so you need to move fast or you risk waiting for weeks on end for the next shipment to arrive.

Suppose you happen to have tips or questions feel free to reach out to me. The best way is by email and I will do my best to reply.

Roger and Out


What kind of amp is best for mids and highs?

The best amps for mids and highs:

  • Polk Audio PA D5000.5

  • Rockford Fosgate P300X2

  • MTX Audio THUNDER75.4

  • Alpine X-A70F X-Series

  • JL Audio JD400/4

  • Planet Audio Anarchy AC1200

  • Kicker CXA300

How do you set a 4 channel amp for mids and highs?

To set the 4 channel amp for mids and highs you will need a few dedicated items like a portable oscilloscope. It involves a lot of testing and putting some coaxials on the back channels and some components on the front channels. Also you can run it in 3 channel mode where you run the mids and highs on the front channel and the subwoofer on the back channel.

Do you need an amp for tweeters?

Yes you will need an amp for tweeters if you want the best sound quality out of the. Warning! you can’t use tweeters on monoblock amps the only solution is to use with amps that have dedicated channel output which are not for subwoofers only.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

What are the features for the amp for mids and highs for the car amplifier?

The thing is that I don’t really like to talk about features on the car amplifier because they are boring. If you insist then I can share the info for the best amp for mids and highs.

  • Polk Audio PA D5000.5 900W RMS, 5-Channel Class D PA Series Car Amplifier (PAD5000.5),100 Watts x4; 400 Watts x1;  Frequency range: 20 – 20,000 Hz; maximum power 1800 watts; quality sound mids and highs; fantastic sound clarity; rca inputs
  • Rockford Fosgate P300X2 Punch 300 Watt 2-Channel Amplifier; frequency range: 20-20,000 H; maximum power 600 watts; high power output; variable bass boost; quality sound mids and highs; fantastic sound clarity; rca inputs; great sound quality
  • MTX Audio THUNDER75.4 Thunder Series Car Amplifier; frequency range: 15-25,000 Hz (frequency response); maximum power 300 watts; better sound quality; low pass filters; four-channel amp with gain control; quality sound for mids and highs;

What is the best 4 channel amp for mids and highs?

The best 4 channel amp for mids and highs is the MTX Audio THUNDER75.4. It is a quality, affordable amp. It’s the perfect amp if you value distortion, static, hiss free music

Which class amp wasn’t included in the best 4 channel amp for mids and highs category?

There are a few good reasons why I  haven’t included jl audio class amp in the best 4-channel amp for mids and highs. First of all JL Audio Systems it’s a good car amplifier brand and it’s also the best-class amp. It has more than enough power (sufficient power) to run component speakers but it’s too expensive. Also, this best 4-channel amp has great power, and great sound for your car stereo with a strong output signal for preamp outputs. Since the price is high not many people are willing to buy this best-class amp even if it delivers great sound. Another class amp that is part of the best 4-channel amp list has been excluded is the planet audio amplifier class. This Planet Audio best 4-channel amp monitors input levels, delivers enough power and it’s a quality amplifier that comes with a test tone CD all in all it’s a great amp. Recently Planet Audio had some issues with overheating. This is an issue with many car amplifiers. Even with the right amp power, there are heating issues. This is why I’ve excluded the Planet Audio Class amp best 4-channel amp from the best amp for mids and highs list.


What is the best class of amp for mids and highs?

The best class of amp for mids and highs is typically a Class D amplifier. Class D amplifiers offer excellent power efficiency, low distortion, and high headroom which makes them ideal for reproducing both mid-range frequencies and high frequencies in a clear, powerful way.

Which is better – midrange amplifier or high amp?

It depends on what type of sound you’re looking to achieve. If you’re looking to emphasize mid-range sounds then a midrange amplifier would be optimal. On the other hand, if you’re looking to focus more on high-frequency sounds then a high amp would be most suitable.

What’s the best car amplifier for mids and highs?

When choosing an amplifier for car audio systems it’s important to make sure that it has enough power output as well as good signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Some great options include models from Alpine, Rockford Fosgate, JBL, Kenwood, and Pioneer which all offer reliable performance with ample power capabilities suitable for delivering strong mids & highs when installed correctly in your vehicle.

Do car audio systems typically use class D amplifiers?

Yes, most modern car audio systems utilize Class D amplifier technology to achieve higher power output while using less energy.

How many speakers can a typical car stereo system have?

It depends on the type of car stereo system you have, but it is typically possible to have up to four speakers (front and rear) connected at once.

What is signal sensing turn-on used for in a car audio system?

Signal sensing turn-on is used in some types of car audio systems to detect an incoming signal and automatically switch the amp from standby mode into operational mode. This ensures that your music will be playing with minimal delay.

Does a MOSFET power supply provide more bass boost than other types?

Yes, a MOSFET power supply usually provides more bass boost than other types due to its higher efficiency and increased power output capability. It also helps improve frequency response by providing better control over each speaker’s sound levels.

What type of Class D amplifier is best for a car audio system?

Class D amplifiers are known for their power efficiency, so it’s important to select one that has the right amount of power and peak power to meet your sound system needs. It should also have a good signal-to-noise ratio and bass boost feature to ensure distortion-free sound.

How can I improve the sound quality of my car?

To improve the sound quality in your car, you can start by upgrading the head unit or receiver, adding powerful external amplifiers if needed, and installing high-quality speakers. You can also add features like auto on/off remote and bass boost to customize your listening experience.

What is the best way to set up a car audio system?

The best way to set up a car audio system is by ensuring that all components are correctly installed and connected, as well as properly secured in place. Make sure that any cables used are secure enough not to move around while driving, and be sure that all connectors are free from corrosion or damage.

How can I get great sound quality from my speakers?

To get great sound quality from your speakers, make sure they’re positioned correctly within the vehicle cabin for optimal performance – this will provide clearer output with less distortion at higher volumes. In addition, you should look into using an upgraded head unit or amplifier with better signal processing capabilities and higher wattage output for even better results.

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