This Head Unit Makes Music Sound Out of This World, I Bought It for My Wife – This Atoto A6 Review Is a Must Read


ATOTO A6 Android Car Navigation Stereo with Double Bluetooth & Phone Fast Charge - PRO A6Y2721PRB-G 2GB / 32GB 2DIN In dash Entertainment Multimedia Radio,WiFi,Gesture Operation, support 256G SD &more

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Such a great sound quality that I forgot to install the amp…

Not long ago, I’ve decided to upgrade my car stereo. The stock unit was taking its last breaths. So I bought this double din head unit and an amp. After the install, I was blown away. The music quality is so good that I’ve actually forgotten about the amp. It seems that it won’t be necessary.

This is the reason why I’ve created the Atoto A6 review.

I will make a promise to you. I know that the name Atoto doesn’t mean much. You probably have hang-ups trusting a Chinese product. I don’t blame you the market is flooded with cheap broke in 2 months stereos.

By reading this review, you will get to see all the aspects of this head unit. I will tell you about the highs and lows. I’m not holding anything back.

Here’s the quick preview. It’s a steal for the price. I don’t know if I have seen a stereo that has so many great features. Even if there were a competitor to match them, they wouldn’t be able to price it under $1,500.00, not even by a longshot.

You name it; it has it all. Apple Carplay and Android Auto support. It comes with two built-in Bluetooth connections plus built-in WIFI. It has a big source of entertainment. It boots up insanely fast. Not to mention the fast responding support. And I’m not done…

If you are looking for the best double din head unit, the Atoto might be your best choice.

Do read the review until the end to get to the pros/cons. For some it might be a deal-breaker. Read that before you buy.

Let’s get this Atoto A6 review started.

Who is the Atoto A6 Review for?

It would be easier to say who’s not for. The only things that are missing are HD radio and SiriusXM. But you could probably stream it from your phone.

With these Atoto A6 head units, you can listen to music and watch movies. The playback doesn’t stop there. You can listen to audiobooks and podcasts. When I say, it has everything, I do mean it.

The ideal customer for the Atoto is who wants safety. Besides traditional hands-free control, you have gestures. Make a rotation sound in front of the screen, and the volume changes. How cool is that?

Or you can mute everything with one move. Best of all, it doesn’t cost you thousands of dollars.

You have probably guessed by now that you can add cameras for safer driving.


What can the Atoto A6 do for you?

It would take hours to explain everything there is about this android car stereo. To save you time, I’ve cherry-picked features that you need to know about.

The Atoto A6 double DIN car stereo comes with a 7” touch screen. I don’t know where they’ve gotten this display, but it’s out of this world. It’s so easy on the eyes. You can read emails and PDF documents. Your eyes won’t get tired.

Forget about 480p resolution. They have gone way beyond that. These head units have a 1024×600 resolution.

It’s WIFI enabled and has two built-in Bluetooth adapters.

They went overboard with the USB port as well. The USB delivers 2A. This means that your phone charges in a jiffy.

In two seconds, the stereo has booted up and ready to go.

The only thing this Atoto can’t do is reading and replying to text messages via Android Auto.

You can download any app from Google Playstore. You have infinite possibilities with this head unit.

You can even create a hotspot from your phone and get real-time traffic navigation through Google maps.

You can listen to music through Spotify and Pandora. All the major video players work, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, etc.

Key Features:

  • ​Fast Boot – Access the system less than 2 seconds
  • Gesture Control (Pro version)
  • Wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • Toshiba Ultra Powerful pre-amplifier IC (4×49 Max, 4×29 RMS)
  • Full HD 7″ 1024 x 600 5-Touch Capacitive Touchscreen

ATOTO A6 Android Car Navigation Stereo with Double Bluetooth & Phone Fast Charge - PRO A6Y2721PRB-G 2GB / 32GB 2DIN In dash Entertainment Multimedia Radio,WiFi,Gesture Operation, support 256G SD &more

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Atoto A6 shortcomings

Is this finally the perfect car stereo? Sadly now the Atoto A6 android car stereo has flaws. It’s my civic duty to mention them to you.

When we look at the finished product, you can see that it doesn’t sit flush. This was the sacrifice they made to have physical buttons.

Atoto is a Chinese brand. Their support is based in Asia. Some people complained that they are slow to respond. In my experience, it takes anywhere between 24 to 48h. They are knowledgeable, and they can help you if you’re stuck.

There are no steering wheel controls. This would be a big problem if there weren’t physical buttons. Plus, having gesture controls, I can live without it.

There’s no video out for this head unit. It means you can’t use it with TVs in the headrest. I believe there are workarounds for this problem.

What I’ve noticed that the apps are updated at a snail’s pace. I mean, it’s a real pain sitting and waiting to get that Spotify up to date.

My last observation is related to the screen. There’s some glare when the sun is shining brightly. But if you get the Pro version, then it’s solved. A few costumers tried to add a screen protector.

Don’t do it. You will have two problems. First of all, you won’t be able to get all the bubbles out. Secondly, it will be extremely hard to remove.

Since it’s not made directly for the US market, it doesn’t have HD radio, and it’s not SiriusXM ready.

ATOTO A6 Android Car Navigation Stereo with Dual Bluetooth & Phone Fast Charge - PRO A6Y2721PRB-G 2GB / 32GB 2DIN in Dash Entertainment Multimedia Radio,Gesture Operation,WiFi, Support 256G SD &More
4,550 Reviews
ATOTO A6 Android Car Navigation Stereo with Dual Bluetooth & Phone Fast Charge - PRO A6Y2721PRB-G 2GB / 32GB 2DIN in Dash Entertainment Multimedia Radio,Gesture Operation,WiFi, Support 256G SD &More
  • ATOTO A6 Pro has all the features available previously on A6 Premium (vehicle pecific FM/AM Radio tuner with RDS, builtin GPS Navigation module, AUX Audio/video input,Backup camera/dash camera input/TPMS/Dab+ input, Dual Bluetooth for handsfree & data transfer, steering wheel audio control,Quick Booting, max 2A quick charge), and some extra & exclusive features;
  • Exclusive features are: 1).Latest Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX feature - Streams Wired Quality Sound, Wirelessly,(to enable this feature,your smartphone needs to support Bluetooth aptX,too); 2).Ultra powerful Toshiba pre-amplifier inside with higher RMS power output & excellent performance. Car speakers from 2Ω to 8 Ω are all supported; Most preamplifiers can only power 4 Ω- 8 Ω,but certain users may add 2Ω door speakers to replace factory one for powerful listening;
  • 3).Latest 178° full-viewing angle IPS display screen with higher contrast significantly improves the viewing experience in daylight! 4).Dual Wi-Fi band connection support means even if the routers/public hotspots are set AP band of 5Ghz, A6 Pro can still connect to it for internet access! Besides reversing camera video input, extra two video inputs (CVBS signal) allow users to connect up to 2 cameras simultaneously for special purpose (side camera view, front off-road camera view)

How To Get The Most Out Of Atoto A6?

You need to decide which of these head units is the most suitable for you. As you check out Amazon, you can see that the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive is $100. The difference between what they can do is big.

The next step is getting it installed. I always suggest taking it to a pro. I save a lot of time and nerves by letting others deal with it.

Usually, in this chapter, I recommend how to keep steering wheel controls. Well, this is covered in the shortcomings chapter. The second thing I recommend is the parking brake bypass. That’s obsolete as well.

After everything is up and running, start getting familiar with the system. Also, use the personalization settings so you can match it to your interior.

Invest time to learn to use the features. There are so many you will be busy for the next few days.

Here’s the bird’s eye view for this head unit.

  • It loads in 2 seconds flat
  • It has gesture controls like smartphones
  • The screen is easy on the eyes you can read emails and PDF
  • It’s like having an Android tablet installed
  • No steering wheel controls
  • Support takes 24-48h to respond

Atoto A6 Review Conclusion

This car stereo gives a good name to Chinese products. I feel that they actually use their products in their own cars. There is no other explanation of why it is so great.

We have reached the end of my Atoto A6 review. Let me know how the installation went. Also, do share your experiences. What about Android radio did it work as advertised?

If you have tips and tricks, feel free to contact me.

Catch you next time.ATOTO A6 Android Car Navigation Stereo with Double Bluetooth & Phone Fast Charge - PRO A6Y2721PRB-G 2GB / 32GB 2DIN In dash Entertainment Multimedia Radio,WiFi,Gesture Operation, support 256G SD &more

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Are these Atoto A6 head units Android Auto friendly?

Yes, these head units work great with Android Auto. The only drawback is that you can’t use Google Assistant.

Does this deck come with gesture control?

Yes, this deck has gesture control if you opt for the Pro option.

What kind of camera input does the Atoto A6 pro car navigation stereo have?

There are two camera inputs to choose from. You can mount a dash camera and a rear camera.

Can I listen to Android Radio?

Yes with most Android head units you can listen to Android Radio. Plus GPS navigation is included. The head unit has a GPS antenna and a built in gps. There are numerous apps to choose from if you want to listen to Android Radio.

Is the Atoto A6 car navigation stereo the best one in this price range?

Yes, if you are looking for something great in this price range the Atoto A6 car navigation stereo is your best choice.

What’s is the difference between the Atoto A6 Pro and the Atoto A6 Standard version?

The Atoto A6 Pro does have Phone Quick Charge and the Atoto A6 Standard is missing this feature. The Atoto A6 Pro also does have a stronger inside preamplifier.  Both have backup camera input

What kind of wireless band connection does the Atoto A6 pro have?

The Atoto A6 pro supports both 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz.

Do all the Atoto A6 versions have a backup camera, backup camera input and video inputs?

Yes, all the Atoto A6 versions have backup camera, backup camera input and video inputs.

Does the Atoto A6 double din android car stereo support google maps and GPS navigation system?

Yes the Atoto A6 pro supports google maps and it has a great GPS navigation system.


Last Updated on April 27, 2021

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