Amp Research Power Step Problems

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide on How to Fix Your Amp Research Power Step

If your car’s amp research power step is showing signs of problems, you may need to fix it as soon as possible.  But you don’t need to hire a professional to fix the mechanism for you, you can do it yourself to save money. And I’ll show you how I fixed mine in this piece.


AMP Research power steps are automatic and electric-powered running boards that extend instantaneously when you open your car’s door and retract out of sight when the doors close.

Despite being extremely reliable, they can develop some issues. I have addressed some of the common problems and their possible solutions here. Follow along to identify the reason your power step is causing problems and its possible solutions.

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Amp Power Steps Make Noise When In Use

Due to their construction, the power steps shouldn’t generate any noise when in operation. However, sometimes, the power steps create unwanted noises when used. Usually, the accumulation of dirt and dust inside the power steps causes this.

Another possible explanation is that the steps are overheating and making noise because they are receiving more power than they need.


Detach the power steps and wash them intensely to eliminate the dirt. To prevent these noises in the future, clean the steps daily and oil the hinge.

If your power steps are facing a power supply problem, you will need to contact a professional to fix that for you.

Amp Research Power Steps Won’t Go up All the Way

The power steps might retract slowly or sporadically. This may happen due to dirt or snow accumulated in the running boards or when the wire harness and controller come in intermittent contact. It can also stop midway. Confined power steps cause this.


To remove the stuck snow and dirt, you will have to get under the truck and get busy. Check out any uncovered wire, and reinsert it in its rubber connector. This will allow the step to completely retract.

Ensure your vehicle’s body is straight to prevent it from stopping midway. Open the vehicle’s door and push the step downward. Now, unscrew all the socket head bolts present under the stage. Click the bottom of the step to remove it. Remove the socket head bolts and place the steps in an upward position. In doing so, you may rest assured that the vehicle’s body is squared away and the power steps will continue to function as intended.

Amp Research Power Steps Deploy Late or Do Not Deploy at All

When you open the door, the steps may deploy late or not. This may happen due to a module failure or sticky contact points. To get this fine and resolved, follow the solution provided below.


Clean the contact points to resolve the stickiness. If your module has failed, you will have to get it replaced by going to a mechanic. Unlike other solutions, This is costly, so you should hope you have the warranty card.

Amp Research Power Steps Function Randomly

Your power steps might function randomly. It happens because the polarity-connected diodes are faulty, if they are reversed, or if they have an insecure and distorted connection. 


Check if all the wires are in their white rubber connector and are properly connected. Ensure that your car has a strong battery that is connected correctly. Furthermore, check that all of the connections are secure. If they aren’t, you may go to a mechanic to get these fixed.

Amp Research Power Step Diode Replacement

You will need to engage an expert to replace the diode in your power step. However, if you know how to do so and are looking for the kit, you can purchase it from here.

Amp Research Power Step Maintenance

Amp Research power steps are extremely reliable. They are corrosion-resistant and a stainless pivot points. However, giving them an extra maintenance check would further ensure smooth function. The power board and linkages should occasionally be washed with soap and water using a brush to remove any mud, dirt, or accumulated road grime.

Every few months, You can apply oil on the hinge points and ice Intermittent Contact Terminals to avoid problems in the future.

How Do I Reset My Amp Research Power Steps?

Your power steps may get stuck open. This may happen because the fuse box is half open or the locking clips aren’t fully locked.

Firstly, remove the fuse from the control box. Ensure that the locking clips are tightly locked into the controller, and push the wires into the controllers. Wait for a few minutes. Lastly, Install the fuse into the controller. This will fix the problem.

Can You Adjust the Amp Research Power Steps?

You can adjust your Amp research power steps using a temporary override switch. Now you can manually use this switch to deploy them higher or lower. You can enable this by inserting a toggle switch on the dash, directly wired to the running board.

How Much Weight Can Amp Research Steps Hold?

The amp steps are quite secure as they can withhold around 600 pounds. This is twice as much as any other power board can withhold.

Why Are My Amp Power Steps Not Powering On?

This may happen because your ground connections are poor. Another reason for this might be that there is voltage in the remote wire when the head unit is switched on. A busted amplifier might also be a reason for this problem.


Like all mechanisms, Amp research power steps are subject to technical problems. We hope you can resolve the issue without tech support and that it worked fine for you guys. If you repeatedly face the same problem, you should visit a mechanic to fix the system.

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