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Suppose you’re looking for the booster seat law, or maybe you want to find out when can you switch from rear facing to forward facing mode, or if you need a car seat in a taxi all this and other important questions will be answered below.

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Alabama Booster Seat Laws


According to the booster seat law in the state of Alabama it is mandatory until the age of 6. Now this isn’t the safest choice though. If you want to keep your child out of harm’s way it’s a good idea to keep them in the booster seat until they reach the height of 57”.

Alabama Rear facing Car Seat Law

According to the law your child should be rear facing until they reach the age of 1 or their weight surpasses 20 pounds.

Again if you want to keep your child safe the best thing to do is extend the rear facing until the age of two or until they outgrow their rear facing seats.


Alabama Forward facing Car Seat Law

After your child has reached the age of one or weight more than 20 pounds then you can transition them to a forward facing car seat.  Also you can keep your child in a forward facing car seat until the age of 5.


Alabama Taxi Car Seat Law

The law clearly states that taxis and ride sharing services are exempt from the laws above. However if you want to keep your kids safe make sure you bring your car seat you never know what will happen.


When Can My Child Sit in the Front Seat in Alabama?

There’s no concrete law that would limit a child when they can sit in the front seat. When we ask the experts they recommend that only 13 year old and above kids should sit in the front.


Alabama Car Seat Laws at a Glance

Here you can find the entire law at one place:

Car Seat Law (32-5-222)

Law:  According to the law all kids under the age of 6 have to be restrained by the appropriate car seat that meets FMVSS 213

  • Rear facing car seats that are either infant or convertibles have to be used until the child reaches one year of age or are above 20 pounds.
  • Forward facing convertible car seats should be used until the age of 5 or until 40 pounds
  • Booster seats have to be used until the child reaches 6 years of age.
  • Seat belts have to be used until the child reaches 15 years of age.

Location in car: There are no specifics on when can a child sit in the front.

Taxi: Taxies are exempt from the car seat laws mentioned above. And if you want to keep your kids extra safe bring your own car seat.

RideSafer legal: Yes. The Ride Safer travel vest qualifies for children 3 and 30 pounds and up.

Fines: $25

Seat Belt Law

Law: All passenger are required to use a seat belt until the age of 15

  • Fine: $25
  • RVs: The RV seat belt law states that all passengers require a seat belt and for kids the appropriate seat belt is required.

Alabama Child Front Seat Laws (Alabama Front Seat Laws)

The law on child in front seat of you car in Alabama doesn’t give a specific age when your child can sit in the front seat. However, you can’t put a rear facing car seat in front.

Booster seat requirements Alabama

Alabama law requires that children use convertible seats or front-facing seats until they are five years of age or 40 pounds. They can use booster seats until they are six years old.


What is the law concerning Leaving kids in the Car in Alabama?

According to the law it’s illegal to leave a child alone in a car because of the risk of injury. If the car interior temperature is below 99 degrees then it’s presumed safe.


Is it Illegal to Smoke in a Car with a Child in Alabama?

At the moment it’s still legal to smoke however there’s a law in the works that would ban smoking while a child under the age of 14 is in the vehicle. The bill has passed the house and it’s in the senate.


Conclusions on Alabama Car Seat Laws

We have reached the end of this article. I hope you have learned something valuable form the above and now you know how to keep your child safe and avoid those hefty fines.

As you have seen it I’ve done my best to translate lawyer talk into simple to understand chunks. So now it’s your turn and put it to good use.

Maybe you have questions or I’ve missed something? No biggie just shoot me a message and I will do my best to reply.

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Frequently Asked Questions about car seat laws in Alabama:

What are the height and weight requirements for a booster seat in Alabama?

There’s no law for weight and height requirements for a booster seat in the state of Alabama. In this case you need to check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

When can a child legally sit in the front seat in Alabama?

There’s no exact law that would determine when can a child sit in the front, however experts agree that the age of 13 is the best safest to start.

What age are booster seats for?

In the state of Alabama you can use the booster seat until the age of 6. And if we follow manufacturer’s recommendation you can use if from the age of 4.

Are there special requirements for convertible seats in the Alabama law (Alabama child restraints law)?

According to the Alabama law (Alabama law enforcement agency, Alabama child restraint law)  there’s no special section for them. You can treat convertible seats either as a rear facing car seat or as forward facing seats and that section of the law applies. So you need to use the appropriate child passenger restraint this can be a child car seat or vehicle seat belt (seat belts) in motor vehicles.

What does the alabama law says about the child passenger restraint system?

According to alabama law the motor vehicle operated operated to transport children the person transporting the child has to have the appropriate car seat (booster seats) or lap belt, shoulder belt for motor vehicles that are obeying car seat laws. If your motor vehicle isn’t mentioned above then your motor vehicle will have to follow the alabama car seat (or passenger car seat) laws.

When can a child ride in front seat in Alabama?

The law on child in front seat of you car in Alabama doesn’t give a specific age when your child can sit in the front seat. However, you can’t put a rear facing car seat in front.

How much is a no child restraint ticket in Alabama?

Alabama’s child restraint laws state that drivers who are caught violating the law will be looking at a fine of $25 for each offense. For a first offense, a driver will have one point assessed. A second or subsequent offense will result in two points.

What is the age requirement for booster seats in Alabama?

Children must use booster seats in Alabama until they are six years old.

What are the laws in Alabama for child car seats?

Children under the age of five must be secured in a rear-facing car seat or convertible seat. All children under the age of six must use a booster seat when riding in a vehicle.

What is the legal age to sit in front seat in Alabama?

Alabama law doesn’t give a specific age when your child can sit in the front seat. However, it mentions that rear-facing seats should not be placed in the front while children are under the age of 13.

When can a child stop using a booster seat in Alabama?


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